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Irina Mastikhina

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This Perpetual Twinkle in her Eyes


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Irina Mastikhina @ Avant (Russia)

Perennial favorite and forever fresh, Irina Mastikhina (Avant's darling recently signed with Silent Paris, by the way) has this incredible talent for reinvinting herself shoot after shoot, test after editorial. True chameleon jumping from one mood to the other in front of Lev Efimov's camera, playing with the atmosphere like an impish kid with his toys. That's maybe where the strength comes from, an endlessly playful attitude that allows her to give hundred percent of herself to her pictures, creating emotions from light, peaceful smiles to deeper, serious or even frightened expressions. From the cute yet moody childlike Irina to a modern and elegant young woman. It takes only a blink to change her world. And ours

scoure : mariemaud.canablog.com

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