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The best magazine cover of the world


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Except Vouge and Rollings Stone there is a considerable quantity of different magazines, they are sometimes exclusive for the country, and sometimes is a world management. I suggest to nominate and choose the best of various magazines.


1. The best cover with the actress

2. The best cover with model.

3. The best original cover.

4. The best group cover.

5. The best pose on a cover.


1. You can voting only one time in challenge.

2. You have 5 points, which you give one nominee or distributed between the two.

3. Voting lasts 3 days or up to 70 points accumulated one of the nominees. Counting of votes took a day. Consider the time difference! (I have now 17:06)

After much deliberation, it was agreed that:

4. Each nomination will be held on five contest, the losers will be removed from the list on the first page. After the first five contests for the nomination will be announced on the second list and the following five competitions, and so on. After the first five contests in all five categories, will alternate each other. Happy voting!


If you have not seen the nominated you cover in the list, we apologize, it could happen for the following reasons:

1. Your cover has been nominated previously.

2. Your cover has been moved to another nomination.

3. Your cover has not been nominated as a limited number of seats in the nomination has forced us to choose the most interesting. Thank you for your understanding!


Unfortunately due to the virus caught no more information about those who nominated the cover, and start all over again is impossible, so I will be very grateful if you saw the nomination soybean cover, you can specify this in their voting, thanks!


1. The best cover with the actress

1. Lindsay Lohan - New York

2. Lindsay Lohan - Nylon

3. Anne Hathaway- W

4. Jessica Alba- ELLE

5. Mischa Barton- MARIE CLAIRE

6. Cameron Diaz- COSMOPOLITAN

7. Natalie Portman- W

8. Scarlett Johansson- ELLE

9. Cameron Diaz- V

10. Christina Ricci- L

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