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Douglas Neitzke

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Douglas Neitzke


L'Homme de Nathalie (Paris).




6'0", 1.85m

Place of Origin:

Campo Mourão - PR, Brazil.

Ethnic Origin:

1/2 Dutch, 1/2 Italian.



How discovered:

Scouting in my city.

Favorite things:

Stay with my friends for fun, listen songs.

Favorite music, band:

Doors, Reggae Music, House Music.


Play soccer, video game, internet.

Favorite foods:

Brazilian Barbecue.

Something you want to do before age 30:

Get married.

Place you'd love to visit:


Currently I'm obsessed about:

Being happy.

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Cheers! :hug:

U get him, honey! :heart:

Yeah, Douglas is sweet, pure and even a wee bit weak, love him :heart:

but I still think much of MJ...

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He wants to get married before age 30.

I've heard that he have a girlfriend much older than him :blink:

Is that real?

Sorry,dear, I don't know,maybe someone could help,anyway,thank for joining in! :wave: :laugh:

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BS of Vrom FW09

post-18327-0-1446070859-61104_thumb.jpg th_2d404e37129744.gif/monthly_05_2009/post-18327-0-1446070859-65706_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="3423075" alt="post-18327-0-1446070859-65706_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="150.48">

post-18327-0-1446070859-68419_thumb.jpg post-18327-0-1446070859-69338_thumb.jpg 03f09d37129764.gif

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