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  1. Bloody! I love his eyebrow!!! Where does he come from?
  2. so great! I love Doggie in that style very much!!!
  3. oh my splendid Doggie!!!!!!!!! Such a brilliant model!!!
  4. Yummy,yummy! the newest very natural Monkey J,thank you very very much! MJ likes tee+jeans+ black converse,always
  5. Gee,Doggie's day,thank you for posting, sav3mys0ul
  6. Bloody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am very very excited to see the newest Monkey J ,thanks a lot RoungTi!
  7. Sweet, sweet heart, misss ya a huge PM you. Juun J hello,my dearest faget and fanfan
  8. Amazing,not very often see Doggie smile!
  9. Monkey E.T. is the very peculiar
  10. Still my man Miss ye,my dearest faget!!
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