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Your Albums To Buy List


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List off the albums you intend to buy sometime with the foreseeable future, preferbly in the order you intend to purchase them.

For me, in order...

1. "Blizzard Of Ozz" - Ozzy

2. "Black Sabbath" - Black Sabbath

3. "The Number Of The Beast" - Iron Maiden

4. "Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?" - Megadeth

4. "

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Why is James playing a banjo? Anyways...here's my list.

1. DevilDriver-The Fury of Our Maker's Hand

2. Motley Crue-Theatre of Pain

3. Metallica-...And Justice For All (again)

4. Metallica-Master of Puppets

5. Metallica-Kill 'em All

6. Terror-One With the Underdogs (Reissue)

7. Machine Head-Burn My Eyes (again)

8. Pantera-Far Beyond Driven (again)

9. Black Label Society-Sonic Brew (again)

10.Lamb of God-As the Palaces Burn

I have to buy some albums over since I didn't take care of 'em. :laugh:

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Here is my current wishlist.

I've decided the next album I'm going to get is "Fragile," by Yes. It seems stupid that I say I like Yes, and yet I don't own this album. Ah well... after that I'll probably try something new. Maybe Metal Church?

Does anyone here have anything to say about Anthrax? I've been told they're as good as Metallica, and I've been told they're complete shit, so I'm not sure...

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James Blunt - Back To Betleham

Pussycat Dolls - PCD

Mis-teeq: Greatest hits

Rihanna: Music of the sun

Lina: Inner beauty movement

Lina: save your soul

D-Side: Gravity

Tweet: It's me again

Brooke Valentine: Chain Letter

BS-One: Checklist

Amerie: Touch

JC Chasez: Schizophrenic =)

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