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Indie Rock


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i'm kind of liking ataxia.

one suggestion though...

dont use "Indie Rock" for the topic. or as a term ever!

the term is so OVERRATED.


There is also a thread under music called Bands You've Never Heard Of

so I think this topic might get merged.

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yeah!!! that crazy thread!!!

the first few pages are a bit old and dated thats why and those pages are wacked!!! but it gets better towards the last pages as it is more recent.

maybe change it to Sounds Eccentric

or Sounds Eclectic (which reminds me of Jason Bentley and Z Trip)

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And to think I started a thread about prog-era Genesis about two years ago and got zero replies. Baby, do you like the soothing sounds of James Taylor? What's your favourite track off of the White Album? Bob Dylan, thoughts? I don't wish to de-rail your thread, but you seem like a cool cat who might have some things to say about these important matters.

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