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Song Jina


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:wub: x 10,000,000 what a beauty shock! I can't believe that we are the only ones on this board who can appreciate her beauty :blink: I would give half of my life to look like her :blush:
^I know... :wacko:

But just go and look at the FHM/Maxim top 100 lists in the General Babe section to see the shoddy and unimaginative selection of 'babes' on offer! A tiny smattering of 'ethnicity', and only a few interesting choices outside the conveyor belt of pop-puppets and bland 'actresses'. What chance fashion models, let alone GIs and RQs..? :/

Onto happier things though. Face pulling, yet still a 'beaut':

post-11221-1243162678_thumb.jpg post-11221-1243162698_thumb.jpg post-11221-1243162718_thumb.jpg

post-11221-1243162741_thumb.jpg post-11221-1243162761_thumb.jpg

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