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Hey Spark!

Is it possible at all to transfer or "save" the female models thread from Chilax to here? I mean the exact same information, posts and all. That would be awesome. For me that thread is invaluable since it has sooo many interesting lists of models and pics. It would be a shame to lose that. :(

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we have some organizing to do. im not like the way it is set up right now. the babes is getting messy spark. if you listened to me from the beginning. put all the models in models. we can still keep the subforums. make a babe musicians section. same thing for the hot guys. only reason im not doing it its because you the boss spark.

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had to make a friendly reminder spark. we have to make the rules tomorrow and organize the babes section. its way to messy. we have to make it like the hot guys section and give some descriptions.

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