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hmm...I can't say Nikon is not a good brand, I did some researches before buying my new camera,

been reading many forums about DC, most of them told me Nikon and Canon are the best.

My first DC was Canon (5 years ago, but still I can take good pics with it :heart:).

It took a fairly long time for me to buy Nikon, and now I'm still practicing with it, those professional

photographers said, you shouldn't say the camera is poor but you don't know how to use it correctly :idk:

Anyway, I think I'm still with Canon :blush:

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i think canons point and shoots are better than the nikon ones.

but nikons menu/settings are much clearer than the canon ones.it once took me nearly 30 secs to get to the quality/size-menu on the 5dmkII (DSLR).i mean,yeah you wont change that a lot, but if you want to delete pics from your canon youll need to press like..4 buttons or smth and now on my nikon i only need to press the same button twice.

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