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Suzanne Lanza


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Suzanne Lanza

Suzanne Lanza 's modeling career started in a Hollywood acting class,

reversing the familiar formula of model-turned-actresss. After her acting

teacher introduced her to an agent at the Wilhelmina Modeling Agency,

Suzanne was soon working in New York and Paris. But she never

stopped acting, and while she became one of the most sought after

models in the world, she also worked in such films as Jean-Luc

Godard's King Lear and Henry Jaglom's Venice Venice.

Suzanne has appeared on over 80 magazine covers, including Vogue,

Cosmopolitan, Elle, and Harper's Bazaar, and has modeled for Victoria's

Secret, Guess?, Cover Girl, and Lancome.

After several years Suzanne decided to move back to Los Angeles and

concentrate on her acting career. Her credits include the independent

movie Strays, which was a hit at the 1997 Sundance Film Festival, and

such television shows as Friends, Once & Again, It's Like You Know,

and Ellen. She's also appeared in TV commercials for Coca-Cola, Lee

Jeans, Coors Beer, And Finesse.

Some of my random scans:

th_93091_ElleFrenchJun85pg103MarcHipard_122_581lo.jpg th_93070_ElleFrenchJun85pg101MarcHipard_122_540lo.jpg th_93058_ElleFrenchJun85pg100MarcHipard_122_479lo.jpg th_93026_ElleFrenchJun85pg99MarcHipard_122_518lo.jpg

th_93008_VogUkMar84_02_122_410lo.jpg th_92996_VogPattSepOct87_03_122_414lo.jpg th_92983_VogPattSepOct87_02_122_448lo.jpg th_92970_VogPattSepOct87_01_122_433lo.jpg

A few covers:


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