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Jurgen Teller

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Juergen Teller (born 1964, Erlangen, Germany) is a German fashion photographer, based in England. He initially photographed celebrities, and then quickly graduated to shoots for youth style magazines such as The Face and i-D. He is regarded as one of the most influential of contemporary fashion photographers, being part of introducing the "snap-shot aestetics" in fashion[1] and now shoots frequently for Condé Nast publication W magazine, and Marc Jacobs. He is well-known for introducing the heroin chic trend in the early 1990s

from wiki^^^

i dont know about him starting the whole 'heoin chic' thing.

i was always under the impression that David Sorrenti pioneered that particular style :idk:

pics from bwgreyscale



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Great thread... Penny

UK Vogue October 1994

Model: Linda Evangelista

Photographed by Jurgen Teller


www.levangelista.com :heart:

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"Daisy" by Marc Jacobs fragrance photoshoot in Hawaii.

Models: Irina Kulikova, Alex Sandor, Johanna Stickland, Johanna Jonsson.

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Sorry for noticing this post just now :|

Well, I kind of like it... Kinda too "raw" when it comes to hair&make-up, with these clothes and location, but overall, it's not bad, and Bela is such a great model she can "save" every photoshoot haha.

In a mood of uploading photos and supporting Fashion Photographers subforum....

Here are 2 photos by Juergen I had in my files :p

Both are his works for W magazine.

One is with Irina Kulikova, "Kiev" editorial (Lara Stone was also in it), and the other one is with Lily Cole (different photoshoot, don't remember its name)


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