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you ♥ UNIQUE/ ARTSY male model pics


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So. Now this is the long-awaited (:p) male version of the 'Your Favorite Strange/Unique Fashion Pictures' thread.


Because, obviously, there's a lot of cool stuff from the guys out there as well :whistle:

there already are threads for the male runway pictures and the male drool-worthy pictures, both started by CooperIShot, so if you've got pics for these categories, post them there, we'll love you for it :drool:

this means that we'd prefer the more artsy, fashiony, the stranger and more unique pictures here. Any cool editorials you like or pictures you found etc.

they don't have to be fashion pictures or whole editorials.

Steamy is alright, too, we never mind that :shifty: :laugh:

but keep in mind that we'd love to see them in the drool-worthy thread as well haha

oh and don't forget to check out the female version of this thread for some inspiration!

it's practically being ruled by the one and only penny_d and was started by Joe>Average and they'll all love your contribution there as well!

long speech short:

1.- anything cool, unusual, exciting, intense, beautiful, strange, hot, artsy, weird etc etc goes

or like Kanye put it: ART WINS! ART WINS! ART WINS! :rofl:

2.- if you've got pics that fit into the other threads still feel free to post them here, just don't forget to post in the other threads, too ;)

the people there have done an amazing job and deserve your contribution

3.- feel free to contribute like crazy :heart:

4.- if you're unsure if your pictures fit - post them, they probably do :p

oh and don't forget - if you have the name of the model, photographer etc and the magazine where it was published, please post it :wave:

now - enjoy! :heart:


i'll have a quick start with Sebastian Lund




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well i found a few...i guess they're on the artsy side lol.... :heart: (oh, btw, thanks for the Dolce pics too) ;)

Ollie Edwards


Blaine Cook (this one kinda freaked me out lol...it was from ID mag, current one, i think) :blink:


Nicholas Lemons (this one's soooooo sexy!! lucky pup by his feet lol) :drool:


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great start you all :ddr:

i love D&G ads. I'll post some more some time soon.

Oh i love the first one, CooperIShot, the one with the light dots! :drool: Gorgeous!

And yeah, the Blaine one is freaky, i've seen it before haha :rofl:

oh, right, DSquared² ads... i have some of them to post, too hehe :shifty:

so, my first contribution is:

Dimitri Vankerkoven for Squeeze Magazine


squeeze1hv7.th.jpg squeeze3lo0.th.jpg squeeze8ge8.th.jpgsqueeze9cb2.th.jpg squeeze2hr5.th.jpg squeeze7ij6.th.jpg squeeze6ua6.th.jpg squeeze5cn2.th.jpg squeeze4vr5.th.jpg


they're so amazing :drool: sadly i only have them in this small.

Enjoy! :heart:

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oh wait... i saved a little sumpin-sumpin earlier today

ther Forever SexyTom Ford :sex: :drool:

i mean, just check out his eyes.

the sexy beast knows hes friggin hot

edit-- i just read your introduction to the thread, M--

i liked the ruled by pennyD...

lol.. im more of a noisy co-conspirator rather then ringleader :p :p



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ther Forever SexyTom Ford :sex: :drool:

i mean, just check out his eyes.

the sexy beast knows hes friggin hot

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAh! Tom :wub: How I wish he was a lesbian!

i have these crazy fantasies where we meet and

my charms are just so undeniable that i turn him out.

he is forever attracted to women after me

:p :blush: :rofl: :ninja:

by the way.. the blonde on the l'uomo cover is DEEE-LISHHH-UUUSSSSSS

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