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Swiss beauties


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Switzerland is not famous because of beautiful women but I wanted to show you that we have more to offer than chocolate and cheese :) . In this topic I will post the most beautiful swiss beauties and I will start with Mahara McKay:


Name: Mahara Brigitta L

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Jennifer Ann Gerber


Name: Jennifer Ann Gerber

1998/99: Ford Super Model of Switzerland

2004 - ???: Miami / Karin Models, Paris / IMG Models, Hamburg / Place Models

jennygerber4rh.th.jpg jennygerber45br.th.jpg jennygerber85iw.th.jpg jennygerber103tn.th.jpg jennygerber93vg.th.jpg

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other swiss women (from tv):

Nadja Zimmermann


nz21vz.th.jpg with Amanda (left, Swiss singer) and Max (right, from tv). I don't know the one in the middle.

nz35kf.th.jpg with Max (God he is soooooooooo cute :wub: )

Jubaira Bachmann


Anna Maier

am28om.jpgam8bm.th.jpg am39bf.th.jpg she is very famous in Switzerland. everybody loves her :fun:

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