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Isabeau Hitijahubessy

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full name:Isabeau



height:175cm / 5′9″

bust:84 cm / 33″

waist:64 cm / 25″

hips:89 cm / 35″

place of origin:The Netherlands

date of birth:November 13 1990

Mother Agency: Tjarda Model Management


I like her :)

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hair: Blonde

eyes: Blue

height: 175cm / 5′9″

bust: 84 cm / 33″

waist: 64 cm / 25″

hips: 89 cm / 35″

place of origin: The Netherlands

date of birth: November 13 1990

Mother Agency: Tjarda Model Management


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Guilty Pleasure by Liselotte Schuppers for Pleasurements
Photography by Liselotte Schuppers
Styling: Ashley Veraart
Hair & Make-up Artist: Maaike Beijer @ Angelique Hoorn Management
Model Isabeau @ Tjarda Model Management


abnhjxqX.jpg abz54tzB.jpg abi8t4O8.jpg ablrSKQb.jpg abisMc4V.jpg abu9ucS9.jpg ablk3O6o.jpg adl2rXha.jpg aciyMa0I.jpg adgBVETi.jpg abeMWFmg.jpg acn4VTEr.jpg aby01PCB.jpg abzJeG0V.jpg 

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"Pale Blue Eyes" for Cosmopolitan UK September 2014
Photographer: William Garrett
Fashion Coordinator: Holly Coopey
Hair: Heath Massi at Frank Agency
Make-up: Kenneth Soh at Frank Agency
Models: Isabeau Hitijahubessy + Sam Worth + Jack Lyons + George Threadingham
Source: imcmagazine.com


post-43321-0-1446075669-01146_thumb.jpg post-43321-0-1446075669-02991_thumb.jpg post-43321-0-1446075669-06899_thumb.jpg post-43321-0-1446075669-10347_thumb.jpg post-43321-0-1446075669-12606_thumb.jpg post-43321-0-1446075669-14227_thumb.jpg post-43321-0-1446075669-16247_thumb.jpg post-43321-0-1446075669-1725_thumb.jpg

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