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Found this site by accident while searching for background pics. I'm amazed at the size and amount of pics and the variety of sources. Purely astounding. As much as I love my actresses and mainline models I do prefer more of a pinup style of photography and that leads me to prefer several pinup models. Sabina Kelly is my new dish and her appeal increases each time I find new material on her. As for the mainstream models who in their right mind would deny Adriama but I've been into the VS scene since Latitia Costa was the sexiest woman alive. Classic beauty is king and I look forward to finding it in the plethora of threads in this forum. I'll add as I can but trust me when I say that you'll have the latest and greatest far before I will, but I'll try to get up to speed on my favorites.

Oh, and for the mods, I'm not the type of post counter that's gonna add the standard "she's (insert adjective)" just to increase my number of posts. Although there will be times when I'm short on words.


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Thanks for the warm welcome.

Glad to see at least one other SMG fan (or fanatic for that fact) I have the biggest crush on her, I have since high school. Makes the reruns of Buffy that much better. Honestly I have more pics of her saved than anyone else. Magnificent. Too bad Freddie Prince Jr got to her first. Looks like I'll have to do some searching in her thread next.

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I've been diggin around here for a little while now and I'm looking for something that I can't find.

I was never a fashion forward kinda guy and talking intelligently about anything in that arena was not possible. I have a bad habit of complimenting women that I feel deserve one. Well one day I was flabberghasted when the complimentee said that she looked good everyday. I didn't know how to tell her that I liked her skirt without being able to say why. I wanted to tell her that I liked a certain heel type on her but I didn't know what it was called so I didn't. So on and so on. Eventually I found someone to teach me the lingo of clothes. She also opened up a few things about myself I didn't know, like my affinity for heels and my attention to detail. Well she's gone now and moved to another state.

The long and short of it is that I've searched and found a few threads pertaining to what I'm lookin for but in odd places. I don't feel right posting in the For Girls section but the help I need is probably best sought from the opposite sex. There are so many types of skirts, dresses, shirts, blouses, belts and accesories that I could study for a month and still be a moron. If anyone would be willing to help that would be great, I'm sure its gonna be good for a few laughs.

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