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VSFS O8: The best looked angel



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  1. 1. the best angel

    • Doutzen [img]http://nor.zorpia.com/0/4876/31207632.c886cb.jpg[/img]
    • Marisa [img]http://nor.zorpia.com/0/4876/31207633.8f2d84.jpg[/img]
    • Adriana [img]http://nor.zorpia.com/0/4876/31207634.a919c0.jpg[/img]
    • Alessandra [img]http://nor.zorpia.com/0/4876/31207636.143b75.jpg[/img]
    • Selita [img]http://nor.zorpia.com/0/4876/31207641.485c87.jpg[/img]
    • Miranda [img]http://nor.zorpia.com/0/4876/31207627.818fec.jpg[/img]
    • Izabel [img]http://nor.zorpia.com/0/4876/31207686.3e6a96.jpg[/img]
    • Karolina [img]http://i38.tinypic.com/33cqe0k.jpg[/img]

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I'm soo happy you put Iza in the group. BTW, you forgot Heidi

Iza was hot as always.

Ale definitely brought her sexy back

Adriana and the fantasy bra was the favorite of any year

Marisa looked great and she had more outfits this year.

I knew Doutzen would do well as an Angel

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Yup, I believe it was last year when Adriana, Ale and the rest of the girls went to the Candy Store, and VS started putting out their upcoming group pictures of the Angels for this year. Izabel wasn't listed nor was she photographed, I pointed it out ... people ignored it.. o.O

Also Izabel was slowly being faded from the webtsite over the course of a year, and no one noticed? it was kinda a no brainer guys. The fact that two years ago they began to push Doutzen... [which btw, I told you guys it takes about two years from when they start looking at a girl before she becomes an angel..... and ta da I hit on the nose /flex] kinda spelt it out that one of the girls was going...Izabel and Ale were fighting for the same nitch to fit in. Izabel wasn't selling in her test matkets. The general public likes Ale a lot more then Izabel... so she got the axe. :(

The three girls VS is looking at now. Candice. Emanula and Behati. Makes me believe they are thinking about weeding out one or two more models over the next few years. Most likely Selita and or Karolina.. and replaced by Emanula and Candice.

Anywho: Miranda, Marisa and Ale looked the best imo

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^oh, I would say that BZ makes me wanna know about VS, but I'm not a big fan, so sometimes I don't keep up with all these VS news :wacko:

thanks for explaining :flower:

while looking a pics from the show ( still haven't seen every page of the runway thread... ) I noticed there wasn't much of Izabel, and I was like :blink:

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yes layla, izabel is not an angel anymore!

and it would be kind of ridiculous is they were more than the number they are now. there are million angels!

people get confused..

i'd say izabel is out because she has her own life in fashion (thanks god) she joins some good fashion shows and she gets good campaing.

she doesn't need to be in VS prison.

i can say that karolina will be out soon...

but selita is amazing, no need to put her out..

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Honestly I kinda hope Ale retire's soon. Go out gracefully... don't do a Heidi or Adriana. You've spent 8+ years of your life wearing lingerie, you have a baby now, that's sexy as all hell, you don't need a company telling you "What is Sexy". You're getting older, perhaps start doing other things with your life? I'm saying she should quit all together, just lose the Angel shit. It would be nice for Ale to walk in the shows like Ana or Isabeli does, but I dunno... just kinda over all the Angels.

While they are all beautiful [except selita], none of the have that WOW factor anymore. It's time to find the new Cindy Crawfords, the new Christy T's, the new Heidi Klums... When you are pushing 8+ years... kinda done with imo..

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