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I need help :O


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OK I am not even sure anyone will help me with this, but I would very much appreciate it :) As you all know (Or I hope) I am not very familiar with models like you all are lol. Anyway here is my question. Who has all read the Twilight books? I was wondering who you all seen as Renesmee. If not can you PLEASE help me find someone, with bronze hair, pale skin, and dark brown eyes? I was searching it in the forum, and it kept giving me blue eyes models :laugh: If not, then forget you read this! :ninja:

Oh, and sorry if this is in the wrong topic. Please move it, and don't get mad...I am still learning how this forum works!

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Thanks so much Joe>Average! I really appreciate it! All those models are really beautiful :D Copper hair or what I am looking for (Not sure what the name for it is) Kind of a dark golden with a red tint. I can't find anyone with it, without the freckles. Thanks a lot tho I am gonna go look at their forums :blush:

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Thanks Guys for your help :) Joe I love the last model! Especially Tatiana, am I crazy or does she have no forum?

Ophelia Immortal:

Hehe, you roleplay twilight too? I am sooo bad at changing their eye colors, you have no idea! But thanks for the tip, I am gonna have to practice more. :yes:

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OMG! Thanks :D

Yes I was going to make a bella with another models face. At one point I was thinking of Andi, when she turned all vampy, and beautiful. Just people are only used to those two other faces :/ I just started on twilight, but I am rping Leah Clearwater....No drama there hehe!


(Sorry if I take a long time by the way. Just been going to work, a lot. grrr)

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