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Brandon Flowers


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Brandon Flowers

I know there is a post for The Killers but it is closed & you can't add anything to it.

Source: Wikipedia

Brandon Richard Flowers (born June 21, 1981) is the American vocalist, keyboardist and occasional bassist of the Las Vegas-based rock band The Killers.

Early life

Flowers, the youngest of six children, was born on June 21, 1981 in Henderson, Nevada (outside Las Vegas) to parents of partial Belgian, Scottish and Lithuanian ancestry. He has one older brother and four older sisters. Flowers's family lived in Henderson until he was eight and then moved to Payson, Utah for a year and then to Nephi, Utah. Brandon lived in Nephi until his junior year in high school, when he moved back to Las Vegas. His mother was a homemaker and his father worked for a grocery store. His parents raised Brandon and the rest of the family as active members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and Flowers remains a devout member of the faith. He has since attributed his fashion sense to his doting sisters.

The person most responsible for Flowers's musical development is his brother Shane, 12 years his senior, who showed him Smiths videos and U2's Rattle and Hum movie. His older brother also introduced him to the Cars, the Beatles, Morrissey, and the Cure. Musically, Flowers identifies as an Anglophile and also as a fan of the bands New Order, the Smiths, and Pet Shop Boys. He credits the latter's song "Being Boring", especially the lyrics "I never dreamt that I would get to be/The creature that I always meant to be", as a major life influence. He has stated that "It was really weird because other kids were buying Tool and Nirvana and I was buying the Cars and the Psychedelic Furs. I was pretty alienated as a kid."

Flowers once used a Ouija board and gained a fear of the number 621, which relates to his birthday, June 21. Flowers is convinced he is going to die on that day. He said: "It's just stupid, it is not a way to live. Once I had to fly to Glastonbury on my birthday; that was a real mess." Flowers claims that the "lack of control" on airplanes is what scares him. He currently seeing a doctor for his fear of flying. He also stated that his biggest regret was turning down a ride on U2 's private Vertigo jet.


Flowers, after dropping out of college, was a bellhop for a while at the Gold Coast Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. In 2001, he was abandoned by the first band that he was in, a synth pop band known as The Blush Response, after he declined to move with the rest of them to Los Angeles, California.[citation needed] Shortly thereafter, Flowers attended an Oasis concert, and realizing that he wanted to make the transition from a keyboard band to a true rock band, began searching for a guitarist.[citation needed] He responded to an ad that Dave Keuning had placed in the paper that listed, among other bands, The Cure and Oasis as influences. Keuning later stated that his first impression of Flowers was "I thought he had weird shoes... He had the same shoes Oasis had - Clarks!". After several short-lived bassists and drummers, Flowers and Keuning were joined by bassist Mark Stoermer and drummer Ronnie Vannucci and they became the Killers in August 2002. Vannucci later said that, even with songs like "little dwarf versions of what we have now, Brandon wasn't afraid to just get up there and just do it. You need that when you're trying to get something off the ground. As far as the drive goes, Brandon was never half-assed."

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, his parents have always supported his decision to become a rock singer, and were often the only people in the audience at The Killers' first performances in the band's early days. Although primarily a vocalist and keyboardist, Flowers plays bass guitar live in concerts for the song "For Reasons Unknown".

Personal life

On August 2, 2005, Flowers married his girlfriend in a private ceremony in Hawaii. The two dated for approximately four years before they wed. On July 14, 2007, the Flowers' first child, a boy named Ammon Flowers, was born.

Flowers is a practicing Mormon. He has described his personal faith as a "very important" part of his life. He has joked that "I don't think the make-up would go down so well at church." Flowers has also stated that he does not oppose gay rights, saying "I think everybody should have equal rights." He is also a golf fanatic and his cousin, Craig Barlow, is a professional golfer.

Being very famous for his fashion and showmanship, his style of appeareance has varied a lot throughout the last four years. Starting out with clean shaven face and long hair, he then cut his hair in 2005. Then preparing for his American-and-proud album, the successor "Sam's Town", he grew a moustache to show a more Western, cowboy style, and his clothes reflected this. Then in April 2008, at the NME America awards, he was seen to be clean-shaven and more like his previous "Hot Fuss" self. 'Bling (Confession of a King)' is the victorious story of Flowers' dad forswearing - overnight - alcoholism and Catholicism to become a Mormon when Brandon was five.

Flowers playing the piano in T in the park 2007.


In the past, Brandon Flowers initiated feuds between The Killers and other bands, such as The Bravery, Fall Out Boy, and Panic at the Disco. On July 14, 2006, however, he apologized to the bands in an interview to AOL Music, saying "I'd like to take it all back. These people are just doing what they want to do, just like I am... I'm actually a nice person and I love people. I just am opinionated, and sometimes jealous. It's not something I'm proud of." Frontman Sam Endicott of The Bravery and bassist/frontman Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy reportedly received, and accepted, telephone apologies prior to the article's publication. With regard to the criticisms leveled at Panic at the Disco, Flowers said "I don't even know what their music's like, or if I would even like it... That made me feel even worse, to think they could have been fans of ours and I hurt their feelings. That's just stupid." Flowers has also criticized Green Day for what he sees as exploitation of anti-Americanism. Specifically, Flowers found the video of Green Day performing the song "American Idiot" in the UK distasteful. The taping of the concert, featured on Bullet in a Bible, shows thousands of Europeans singing along to "American Idiot". He said, "I just thought it was really cheap. To go to a place like England or Germany and sing that song - those kids aren't taking it the same way that he meant it. And he (Billie Joe Armstrong) knew it."

Flowers also insulted Sheffield-based band Arctic Monkeys by claiming he didn't understand their music and that it had no context in modern life. The Monkeys' front man responded by saying "cut that silly beard off".

Singer-songwriter Rufus Wainwright wrote a song about Flowers called "Tulsa" for his fifth album "Release The Stars". Wainwright has stated in numerous interviews that it was inspired by their first meeting in a bar in Tulsa, Oklahoma. According to Wainwright, Flowers was "very flattered and somewhat bashful" about this tribute.


Flowers won NME magazine awards in 2005 for "Best Dressed" and "Sexiest Man." He also won the award for "Most Stylish Man" at the 2008 GQawards. In the 2008 awards the Killers won "best band in America" and "best track in America."

bf1.jpg bf2.jpg bf4.jpg bf6.jpg bf5__oPt.jpg brandoncute.jpg
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OMG THANK YOUUUU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH CECILIASYTA FOR STARTING THIS THREAD!! I just mentioned in Andrew Cooper's thread, over at Male Models, that Brandon Flowers didn't have a thread...i cant believe he didnt have one earlier.

He's so gorgeous, i love how he just doesnt care about what anyone thinks, he just says the first thing that comes into his head, he's so cool. i think i wanna marry him! too bad he's already married...well,i can always dream. i love his style too.

Looking forward to making this a great thread for Brandon!!


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Andrew Cooper is wearing a tie just like this! Check him out over at the Male Models directory.

The Killers' new single, Human, is so cool, check it out.

OMG, so THAT'S the tie you were referring to lol...it's tooo cute!! yeah the two do look similar...maybe brandon started a fad with that tie....so now designers are trying to produce similar styles....well it looks damn good on Brandon and AC that's for sure!! and yeah that Human song is stuck in my head!! i keep on playing it over and over on my iPod :laugh: i love the video too...besides it being an awesome song, Brandon looks extra cute in it :drool:

thanks for the pics, kerensa, and to ceceliasyta for starting his thread and for the beautiful pics and info too!! :hug:

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Rolling Stones interview

I'm engaged, and the rest of the band is spoken for," says Brandon Flowers, frontman for the Killers. "Yes, we're slowly becoming the lamest band in the world." Not just yet, though. Almost a year after its release, the Killers' debut, Hot Fuss, is hanging near the top of the charts. In April, Flowers -- a fashion-conscious Las Vegas native who occasionally defies his Mormon faith by smoking Marlboro Lights and drinking alcoholic beverages -- will lead the Killers on a thirty-date U.S. tour before they trek to Europe in June to open stadium dates for U2.

When did you first realize you had a decent voice?

I was playing keyboards with a couple of guys before the Killers started. We demo-ed this one song, and the singer had the most awful voice I'd ever heard. The guitar player sang it next, and that didn't work. They looked at me. So I went into a little closet, and when I came out the singer obviously didn't like the fact that I was better than him. For them it was hard hitting the notes, but it just came naturally to me. And I loved it.

Your first band was called Blush Response. Has there ever been a worse band name?

Um, Kajagoogoo is pretty bad. And Steely Dan is a sad name. I like some of their songs, and they're named after a dildo, but the name still sucks.

Do you remember your first time onstage with the Killers?

Me and Dave [Keuning] played Cafe Roma, in Vegas. It used to be a hip little place, right across from UNLV, where kids in black Converses could go drink coffee and smoke. There was an open mike, and we did "Mr. Brightside" and a song called "Replaceable." It was terrible, awful. Before we went on, I was looking for a place on the floor to get rid of whatever I'd eaten that day. I didn't throw up, but after my voice broke a couple of times I decided that I'd just play keyboards, because singing made me so nervous. But then I started drinking before those early gigs, like, six or seven beers, and that made it easier.

What's the most sophisticated piece you can play on piano?

I'm not very good. I was at my peak when I was thirteen. I could play some Bach, who is my favorite classical musician, and I used to love playing Elton John, like "Your Song" and "The One."

If you went to hell, what song would be playing over and over?

What song do I hate? I think "Daughters," by John Mayer, would be a good candidate. I don't know why he bugs me so bad.

Which Cars tune do you most wish you'd written?

"Since You're Gone" is a pretty good one, but I'll go with "Heartbeat City." [sings] "Oh, I'm glad you made it, I can't complain/Oh, Jackie, what took you so long?" I love the Cars! There's a kid who lives down the street from me; he's about fourteen. That's the age when I started getting into the good stuff, so I bought him the Cure's The Head on the Door and the Cars' Greatest Hits.

Who's more fun to play to: American or British crowds?

I think they appreciate music more in England because they're not as spoiled as we are, you know, with the movies and cars and toys. They definitely like different songs. Like, we have a song called "Midnight Show," and in America they love it. In England they don't move at all. What's wrong with them? [Laughs]

Who's the best band out there?

The Strokes. I don't really understand all the bad press for their second album. I like Room On Fire more than the first one. It's got a similar feel to it, but they really grew.

What song would you like U2 to invite you to sing when you tour together?

I was in the car last night singing "Pride." I have some lungs on me, but I cannot hit those high notes. So I hope Bono doesn't call me out for that one. I really love the song "In a Little While," from All That You Can't Leave Behind. And I'd die to just be onstage with them and sing that one line, "And when I go there" [from "Where the Streets Have No Name"]. That's the part for me.

What band would you like to see reunite?

I don't obsess about it, but I'd like to see the Smiths. Morrissey and Marr wouldn't do it for me -- I need the whole package. But that seems unlikely because of the lawsuits. They're due to be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame soon. They're all still alive, so I wonder what'll happen.

Do you ever hang out with any hip-hop stars?

I met a couple of them at a Universal party. It was cool to meet Jay-Z. I watched someone go up to him and say how much they loved his outfit. Jay said, "Thanks, dog, it's Purple." I was really confused, because it wasn't purple. Then I learned it was a Ralph Lauren Purple Label suit.

If your cell phone was hacked into, what celebrity numbers would be found?

Um, I don't think I have any, besides Alex from Franz Ferdinand.

I saw David Bowie leaning over the balcony at your last New York show. That must've scared the shit out of you.

I could see him the entire time. I was fucking dying, 'cause he's the one for me. He came backstage afterward, and I shook his hand, and he said, "I felt like I just saw the history of rock & roll." I think he was basically saying we rip off from every genre.


No! It was a good thing.

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you're welcome abercrombie fan!...i see you're a fellow brit! welcome to Bellazon and to Brandon's thread!

some more info from imbd.com


Tana Brooke Mundkowsky (2 August 2005 - present) 1 child

Trade Mark

Often wears slick, stylish, and sometimes abstract formalwear during concerts.

Expressive hand and body movements.

Frequently jumps up and sings atop the stage speakers during live shows.


Contrary to popular belief, Flowers is indeed his actual last name.

Worked as a bellhop for the Gold Coast Hotel and the Cesar's Palace Hotel before forming his band with friend David Keuning.

Married longtime girlfriend Tana Munblowsky on a beach in Hawaii.

Has four sisters: Stephnie, Shelly, Amy, and April, and one brother: Shane. His mother's name is Jean and his father's is Terry.

Loves Red Bull and Coca-Cola, sometimes being jokingly referred to as a "coke addict".

Favorite movies are 'Moulin Rouge', 'Forrest Gump' and 'Napoleon Dynamite'.

Favorite song on the Hot Fuss album is 'Jenny Was a Friend of Mine'.

Stated in an interview that their song 'Where Is She?' is dedicated to a thirteen- year-old girl who was kidnapped and murdered. Interestingly enough, she had attended one of their concerts in Scotland.

Youngest child of a family from Las Vegas. Curiously, he is also the youngest member of the Killers.

His only brother, Shane, is 12 years older than him.

Born in Las Vegas and raised in Nephi, Utah. Returned to Las Vegas when he was 16, where he lived with his aunt.

Is of Scottish and Lithuanian descent.

His favorite restaurant is Chapalas, a Mexican restaurant in Las Vegas.

Performed a duet of 'In A Little While' with U2 after Bono's voice began to give out at a concert in Las Vegas.

Wanted to be a professional golfer at one point.

According to himself, the worst thing he has ever done was stealing wine coolers at the age of 11.

Voted for Ralph Nader in 2004.

Dropped out of college.

Often has problems with his tonsils.

The song "Mr. Brightside" is about his former girlfriend who was cheating him.

He wanted to move to England when he was younger. London is also one of his favorite cities, along with his hometown of Las Vegas.

Favorite musicians: The Smiths, Duran Duran, Morissey, U2, and Oasis.

Was accidentally splashed with beer during a concert in Scotland, soaking his keyboard and causing it to fail.

Was once locked out of the band's tour car by band mate Dave Keuning.

Is a huge Sherlock Holmes fan.

His favorite classical musician is the composer Bach.

Favorite fast food restaurant is McDonald's.

Presented (along with the rest of the Killers) by rock legend Axel Rose at the 2006 MTV Video Music Awards.

Regards the Strokes as his favorite band of all time.

Not to be confused with Brandon Lavar Flowers, a defensive back at Virginia Tech (2006).

Despite his standing position as the Killers' front man, he can also play some guitar and even provides additional bass in the song 'For Reasons Unknown'.

Has been weary of flying ever since December of 2003, when a plane flying the Killers to the United Kingdom hit an air pocket and started free-falling.

When growing up, his favorite movie was 'E.T.'.

Wrote the song 'My List' for his wife, Tana.

Favorite song on Sam's Town is 'Read My Mind'.

Cousin of professional golfer Craig Barlow.

Until January of 2006, he was still driving an old Hyundai with a broken window.

His first car was stolen, along with the golf equipment he kept in it.

The music video for 'Read My Mind' features a scene in which a caterpillar-like creature discovers the Killers bunked in tiny sleeping quarters. While filming this particular segment, Brandon and Dave were really asleep.

Is a very skilled pianist and performed 'When You Were Young' and 'Sam's Town' on a baby grand piano during a 2006 recording session at Abbey Road. This version of 'Sam's Town' is included on the Sawdust album.

His favorite actor is James Spader.

Attended Chaparral High School in Las Vegas, as did fellow band member Mark Stoermer.

The song 'Uncle Jonny' tells the true story of Brandon's uncle battling and overcoming a cocaine addiction.

In 2001, he was a member of a keyboard band called Blush Response, but was kicked out after refusing to move to Los Angeles with them. Shortly thereafter, he met Dave Keuning for the first time.

Was suffering from acute bronchitis in early December of 2006, yet still took the stage for the K.R.O.Q. Almost Acoustic Christmas party in Los Angeles.

He and his wife welcomed their first child, son Ammon Richard Flowers, on July 14 (2007).

One of his favorite songs is 'Crystal' by New Order, the music video of which was the inspiration for the Killers' name. Much to his excitement, he was invited to perform a duet of the song with New Order on stage in 2005.

Discovered he could sing when Blush Response, his previous band, was having trouble settling on a competent vocalist. The group decided to have Brandon try and was surprised to find he was actually quite talented.

Taught himself keyboards, despite having piano lessons as a child.

Is good friends with Gerard Way, the lead singer of My Chemical Romance. Both bands toured Australia's Big Day Out 2007 festival and the two stay in touch via e-mail.

Because his fellow band members stand over 6 feet and he does not, Brandon is often thought to be much shorter than he actually is. In reality, the Killers can be readily described as one of the tallest modern bands; Brandon is still quite tall by average standards at 5' 11", followed by drummer Ronnie Vannucci at 6' 0.5", guitarist Dave Keuning at 6' 2.5", and bassist Mark Stoermer at a towering 6' 5".

Quit smoking on November 22, 2006.

The song 'Goodnight, Travel Well' (set to be the closing track on the forthcoming album, 'Day & Age') is a tribute to Brandon's mother, who has been diagnosed with a brain tumor, and Dave Keuning's mother, who recently passed away.

Personal Quotes

"It is hard to stay normal in Vegas."

"Controversy is never a bad thing."

"I guarantee I am better than anyone who does drugs."

"When I was younger I was chubby. It gave me a terrible sense of self-image, and I guess I carry that around with me still."

"America is still getting used to the word "gay," and when you've got a band that's seen as this gay thing, instantly there's going to be a wall that's going to get put up." (On the controversy surrounding the Pet Shop Boys)

"I have never done illegal drugs in my whole life. Not even a drag of a joint."

"I've always had this thing about it not really mattering where you're from, because there's always been this big cloud over America saying you have to live in LA or you have to live in New York to make it. I always knew it didn't matter as long as you had the songs."

"We want to be important and to last."

"When you look at America and see a big hamburger, or whatever it is that you see, they definitely took a bite out of it." (Referring to the Pet Shop Boys)

"You don't have to be a poet to say something profound." (When asked what his favorite quote was)

I think we are the cleanest band in the world, and we are also the busiest. I think these two things go together.

"I am a self-confessed cocaholic."

"Thinking of becoming an entrepreneur, I would love to rent the "World of Coca Cola Museum"."

Move to America! (answering a Canadian fan's question how to "survive" high school)

"I'm allowed to think that it [sam's Town] is the best album in twenty years, but I'll have my opinion and other people are going to have theirs."

Well, we are under the universal umbrella, as they say. - When asked if he was surprised by the Killers' worldwide popularity.

People are coming together, as a family, because our brothers and sisters in Africa need our help, so let's change their worlds. - Live 8 (2005).

Where Are They Now

(April 2006) Currently lives in the suburbs of Las Vegas.

(June 2006) Currently in London with fellow band members, wrapping up their second album.

(September 2006) Touring across the United States to promote "Sam's Town", their new album due for release on October 13.

(June 2007) As of yet, he and his band are still on their Sam's Town tour.

(April 2008) Announced that the Killers have begun recording demos for their third studio album, the follow-up to 2006's 'Sam's Town'. According to Brandon, the new album will return to the Killers' roots, reintroducing the sound and style for which their first album 'Hot Fuss' made them famous.

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you're welcome abercrombie fan!...i see you're a fellow brit! welcome to Bellazon and to Brandon's thread!

thank u kerensa! yes, i'm originally from london, but i live in glasgow now. wow, that's a lot of great info u posted there! thank u again! to me, this group seems to have been underappreciated far too long! maybe now, they'll get the recognition that they deserve! :wave:

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thanks for the new pics ceciliasyta! they're great!

wait a minute...there's a killers book??!?!!!

could you please tell me what it's called and where you bought it from? i would love to read it...and i dont blame you for skipping straight to Brandon's section, i'd do exactly the same!

oh and i was able to download my pre-order of the killers' new album, day & age, today on iTunes...it's amazing!

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oh, by the way, what is that funny tin hat that he's wearing in the last pic? lol...such a joker.

Those last 2 pics are from the Read My Mind music video.

The book is called "Destiny Is Calling Me" by Jarrent Keene.

They were/are a personal friend of the band.

I bought it off Amazon.com


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Sorry, I couldn't embed them.




NME interview before Reading & Leeds festival

His favourite track is Losing Touch.




NME US Awards 2008 after winning 2 awards


The Killers are on the cover of the current NME - Wednesday November 12.

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