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Naomi Campbell


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i-d Magazine, may, 2008.

Naomi Campbell's passion in paradise! We go on holiday with the supermodel. Photography Simon Harris Fashion Director Edward Enninful.

(Vintage shooting.)

i-d-magazine_may2008_00.jpg i-d-magazine_may2008_01.jpg i-d-magazine_may2008_02.jpg i-d-magazine_may2008_03.jpg i-d-magazine_may2008_04.jpg i-d-magazine_may2008_05.jpg i-d-magazine_may2008_06.jpg i-d-magazine_may2008_07.JPG i-d-magazine_may2008_08.JPG i-d-magazine_may2008_09.JPG i-d-magazine_may2008_010.JPG i-d-magazine_may2008_011.JPG i-d-magazine_may2008_012.JPG i-d-magazine_may2008_013.JPG i-d-magazine_may2008_014.JPG

She just seems a bit fake and forced in this ed, thank you for posting tho :)

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Naomi Campbell met Gordon and Sarah Brown on Downing Street No 10.

Supermodel Naomi Campbell had been meeting Sarah Brown (as well as British Premierminister Gordon Brown) to discuss their involvement in a charity campaigning, the White Ribbon Alliance, to reduce the number of mothers dying in childbirth. 15 May 2008.

See the vid with an amazing Naomi on sky news !


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Naomi Campbell Ugly Betty Elle Charity Auction

One of the world's most celebrated supermodels proves she's not afraid to get ugly: Naomi Campbell recently stepped up to the plate for team ELLE, suiting up for a softball game against the editors of MODE magazine in the season finale of Ugly Betty. And now, you can own the autographed uniform worn by Campbell on the show! Proceeds from the auction will benefit Clothes Off Our Back, an organization dedicated to raising money for children's charities. Place your bid starting Friday, May 16 at 9 a.m. EST and let the games begin!

Contest runs 5/16 at 9 a.m. EST to 5/26 at 9 a.m. EST. Click here for official rules and to place your bid on:


post-7822-0-1446020802-14835_thumb.jpg post-7822-0-1446020802-18435_thumb.jpg

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Naomi Campbell for Black Britannia

Naomi Campbell seen by John Ferguson. The exhibition was a collection of photographs by one of Fleet Street's first black photographers, John Ferguson, and features photos of black British role models including Naomi Campbell. Source: jfphoto.co.uk

black_britannia_01.jpg black_britannia_02.jpg

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