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  1. From Youtube.com Naomi campbell photoshoot for W magazine, by Steven Klein
  2. From YouTube.com kate moss audition for L'Oreal
  3. Sorry if its a repost I just really love this video of Coco. From YouTube.com
  4. That sucks that Whitney won, I dont care if shes the first plus size, like Coco Rocha says: "fat people are not fashion models" im joking but honestly Anya and Fatima were way better and deserved it more because they had better pictures, I think they were picking favorites again....
  5. I love Buffy, it sucked that it ended.... There's a season 8 but its in comic book form...I dont even read comic books...lol
  6. Does anyone know what F/W 08 campaigns Catherine is in??
  7. She just seems a bit fake and forced in this ed, thank you for posting tho
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