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Obama or Mccain?


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Pretty self-explanatory. The election is in what... 7 days? If you're American, are you more Republican or Democratic? Who will you vote for? If you're not American, who would you vote for if you could. Share your thoughts and opinions.

Here's my views.

Things I don't like about McCain:

- Pro-life (fuck morals, people have the right to "sin". from a practical standpoint, abortion is useful)

- Voted to extend Patriot Act (pissing on the Declaration of Independence)

- Voted for Iraq War and still supports it (America wasted resources on a pointless war based on a hunch and never found Osama)

- Supports off-shore drilling (gay)

- Has voted against a ban on assault weapons. Voted against a ban on "armor-piercing" ammunition. Voted against any restriction on high-capacity magazines, etc. (the U.S doesn't need cop-killing "armor piercing ammo")

- Supports importing medicine to reduce costs. (limiting the U.S drug production capabilities; stupid if there was ever a pandemic)

- Healthcare plan is weak-sauce

- Inconsistent on minimum-wage issue

- Obsession with increasing U.S Military power + funding and a dislike for solving issues diplomatically.

- Would use pre-emptive military force to control Iran

- Against research using new lines of stem-cells.

- He's old and if he dies, America is fucked.

What I like about McCain:

- Understands that cutting unnecessary spending and improving economic "efficiency" is critical.

- Wants to change Social Security to be managed privately.

- He's got balls.

What I like about Obama:

- He will put govt. data, bills, plans for reform, etc. online for increased govt. transparency

- Practical ideas for addressing pollution issue/energy issues

- Understands that special incentives are necessary to cut emissions

- Emphasizes that diplomacy is the best way to solve international disputes

- Will increase minimum wage

- Free-trade

- Smooth talker. Very self assured, and doesn't struggle when asked difficult questions.

I think Obama is a better candidate overall.

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Obama.All around the best person to direct the U.S. towards a brighter future.He will begin to restore all the damage done by that incompetent embarrassing failure,G.W. Bush.Not only here in this country but,the damage done around the world as far as how the world views us.America needs a president that is a respectable,intelligent individual which we have been badly lacking for the past 8 years.

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We'll have the result by tonight. Oh boy, this is either really good or, really bad. :whistle:

I like McCain, but i've always despised Republican. Alaska governor Sarah Palin McBitch was my top concern. McCain is so old his sperm is powder. He would die anymoment and if he dies, America's biggest bitch will be the president. Oh Em Gee, that is so wrong.

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I really hope Obama can live up to most of his promises here since to do all with take one promise away from another.. Change is needed and I really hope he surrounds himself with people who have some kind of experience to move into the change needed quickly. If not .. I see us dealing with him like dealing with any new employee learning a new program. He did make history as our first black president and I am glad for how he changed the world with this as well as how much he seems to unite the opinions of the different countries of the world. I was not a fan for Obama but as an American I support my president no matter what.. We are the people who vote our leaders into their positions/offices and to complain or wine about even Bush would be contridictory to the decision we have as a nation made by electing our officials.. when the majority votes that is the majority who feel this person is capable to do as we elect them to do and we should all support this choice.

I hope I made sense in what I said here.

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