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You need to eat more candy and watch more tv, that's all. Or maybe the water is a good idea :hug:


Yep, I drank more and I went to bed and read a book, and then I went back downstairs to watch TV around 21:30 PM. I felt much better then! :bounce:

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Aww... you're so sweet! Thank you! :wub: I love all your scans, they're beautiful! :wub:

I'm already feeling much, much better. I only have a slight headache, but I think it'll be gone after dinner.

I went to see a White Shepherd breeder today, she had two puppies from her last litter that I could have a look at. One girl, Kiara, and one boy, Simba. Kiara's character is exactly what I'm looking for in a dog, she's sweet, gentle and a bit shy also. She's very pretty! I've taken some pictures of her, I will be posting them later on.

I'm 99% sure this is the dog I want, all I have to do is say yes! :fun: :laugh: :bounce:

I'm so excited! :fun:

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awww... that's cute DWD! :wub:

I have officially decided I want to have Kiara, so today is going to be busy! I have to call the breeder to tell her that Kiara is sold, and to schedule a time and day to pick her up. Then I have to call the vet's office to make a 'meet and greet' appointment, and then I can go shopping! I'm so excited! :wub: :fun:

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Ummm.... probably. :cry: I'll try to get on here once a day though, because I really like talking to you guys! :wub:

Update on today: I can't get the breeder on the phone. I've called about eight times today, but she doesn't seem to be home. I went to the bike shop to find a cart that I can attach to my bike, so that I can take the puppy everywhere. She's not allowed to run beside a bike until she's at least 1 year old.

I didn't find any. I just came back from a 45 minute ride to another town to see if they had one there, but I couldn't find the shopping centre! :laugh: :blush:

So... things aren't going very well at the moment. :ninja:

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