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Steven Meisel

Steven Meisel (born 1954) is an American photographer, who obtained popular acclaim with his work in US and Italian Vogue and his photographs of friend Madonna in the latter's 1992 book Sex designed by Fabien Baron. He is now considered one of the most successful fashion photographers in the industry, shooting regularly for both US and Italian Vogue and lately W.


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Alberta Ferretti f/w 2008 campaign!!

thanks to Olga Korbut at tfs

models: Anna Maria Jagodzinska, Viktoriya Sasonkina, Magdalena Frackowiak and Siri Tollerod

post-5680-0-1446127686-64456_thumb.jpg post-5680-0-1446127686-67184_thumb.jpg post-5680-0-1446127686-69024_thumb.jpg post-5680-0-1446127686-69867_thumb.jpg post-5680-0-1446127686-70739_thumb.jpg th_46240_AF4_122_1114lo.jpg

Please do not post images/thumbnails side by side totaling more than 600 pixels in width. Thanks! ~post edited by PinkCouture

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posted in Sasha Pivovarova's thread

"Garden of Delights"

Vogue US December 2006

Models: Sasha Pivovarova, Caroline Trentini, Karen Elson & Gemma Ward

garden1gp7.th.jpg garden2sw6.th.jpg garden3nd0.th.jpg garden4sp4.th.jpg garden5xa7.th.jpg

garden10hh3.th.jpg garden6fx1.th.jpg garden7gs6.th.jpg garden8ez1.th.jpg garden9pv8.th.jpg garden11ja8.th.jpg

[credit to svalin]

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VOGUE Vanity (Italy) June 2006 (VOGUE online)




Julia Stegner with Gemma Ward, Hilary Rhoda, Hana Soukupova and Raquel Zimmermann


image391iw.th.jpg image630od.th.jpg image1415ht.th.jpg

image726ma.th.jpg pvimage964oo.jpg image1078wz.th.jpg

image842du.th.jpg pvimage809vc.jpg image881xs.th.jpg

image1032fe.th.jpg pvimage1150fn.jpg image1262yt.th.jpg

(click to enlarge)

posted by Marvin in Stegner's thread

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Prada Resort S/S08 Campaign

Models: Meghan Collison, Irina Kulikova, Angelika Kocheba & Sasha Pivovarova


Scanned by Luxx and posted by ThiagoMello in Kulikova's thread

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Lanvin F/W 2007

Model: Olga Sherer

post-6812-0-1446127669-31598_thumb.jpg post-6812-0-1446127669-64911_thumb.jpg post-6812-0-1446127669-85368_thumb.jpg post-6812-0-1446127669-88817_thumb.jpg

DSquared² F/W 2007

Models: Caroline, Hilary, Raquel, Andre & Julienne.

Ph:. Steven Meisel

post-6812-0-1446127669-91909_thumb.jpg post-6812-0-1446127669-93393_thumb.jpg post-6812-0-1446127669-95392_thumb.jpg

post-6812-0-1446127669-96143_thumb.jpg post-6812-0-1446127669-97497_thumb.jpg

Mulberry F/W 2007

Models: Will Chalker, Caroline Trentini & Suvi Koponen

Ph:. Steven Meisel

post-6812-0-1446127669-98801_thumb.jpg post-6812-0-1446127670-00754_thumb.jpg th_01748_003_122_352lo.jpg post-6812-0-1446127670-02737_thumb.jpg post-6812-0-1446127670-05375_thumb.jpg post-6812-0-1446127670-07114_thumb.jpg

DSquared² S/S 2008

Models: Anja, Tanya, Sean & Maryna

Ph:. Steven Meisel

th_001.jpg/monthly_08_2008/post-6812-0-1446127670-08164_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="4489528" alt="post-6812-0-1446127670-08164_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="134.41"> post-6812-0-1446127670-09469_thumb.jpg post-6812-0-1446127670-10924_thumb.jpg post-6812-0-1446127670-12967_thumb.jpg

Mulberry S/S 2008

Models: Maryna & Hanne

Ph:. Steven Meisel

post-6812-0-1446127670-14992_thumb.jpg post-6812-0-1446127670-16428_thumb.jpgth_22446_003_122_210lo.jpg post-6812-0-1446127670-1893_thumb.jpg post-6812-0-1446127670-19859_thumb.jpg post-6812-0-1446127670-20737_thumb.jpg

Belstaff S/S 2008

Models: Anja, Diana, Cameron, Maryna, Meghan & Hilary

Ph:. Steven Meisel

post-6812-0-1446127670-21953_thumb.jpg post-6812-0-1446127670-23566_thumb.jpg post-6812-0-1446127670-24639_thumb.jpg post-6812-0-1446127670-25842_thumb.jpg post-6812-0-1446127670-27562_thumb.jpg

post-6812-0-1446127670-29937_thumb.jpg post-6812-0-1446127670-34126_thumb.jpg post-6812-0-1446127670-36609_thumb.jpg post-6812-0-1446127670-37389_thumb.jpg

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Some campaigns shot by him:

I wouldn't call posting so many pics as posting "some" campaigns :wacko:

Thanks Thiago, from these ones you posted I like Dolce&Gabbana s/s 2006 the most.

Great collection, great location and great casting!

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