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Leroy Duivenvoorden


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Leroy Duivenvoorden

Height: 6'2"

Waist: 28"

Hips: 39"

Shoes: 10

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue/green

DOB: 8 July 1986

Agencies: UllaModels (Amsterdam), Why Not (Milan), Premiere Model Management, DNA Models (NY)

Yeah, his name may be a moutful, but OMG, look at his beautiful mouth lol...gorgeous full lips and a beautiful smile to match :kiss: :drool:

1221_109813.jpg 1221_109814.jpg 1221_109816.jpg 1221_109815.jpg 1221_109817.jpg 1221_109818.jpg 1221_109820.jpg 1221_109821.jpg 1221_109822.jpg 1221_109823.jpg 1221_109824.jpg 1221_109825.jpg 1221_109826.jpg 1221_109827.jpg
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OMG, Fal, you ROCK BIG TIME!!!! :hug: i just accidentally came across him on the Why Not site and thought he was sooooo good looking....so i thought, time for his own thread....but with all his wonderful pics u posted, how could i thank ya?!?!?!?! thanks for EVERYTHING...all the beautiful pics are just incredible!!!!! :wave: that's def funny about how different agencies would give different eye colour...it's a beautiful shade of blue/green...and i love his new hair cut...very boyish to match his beautiful smile ;)

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Sweetie, it's you cheer me up ! :drool:

just spend whole night to make Mathias gif, really tied and ready to sleep, but ths cutie calls me back :drool: :laugh:

Ahha, you really know my death :brows: a huge hug for ya, and many, many thx for startin' his thread :grouphug:

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