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Carolina "Pampita" Ardohain


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i just finished that in photoshop.. you guys should know what the original picture is

I was just messing around with coloring, and it turned into a sin city looking theme, so I just took it a ran with it.. There's a lot of details I like about it too - Like the "for export" stamp and the duct tape, for some reason it just looks like something that would be in sin city. I also love the text (it's the actual font from Sin City)

it's actually 12x18 inches, but i thought i'd scale it down so it was easier to see

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Can you say Milf?

you know how much it would suck to have her as your mom?

you'd feel like a freak every time you felt attracted to her.. so you'd basically be a permanent freak

Haha.... pretty much

I'd hope you yourself wouldn't be attracted to her. That'd be really creepy. The real freaky part would be that all of your friends would perve on your mom.

"Dude, your mom is a babe..."

*punches friend* "STFU, asshole!"

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