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Models with cellulite/stretch marks


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I think most of the women have cellulite and/or stretch marks. It's normal. Many models have too. Or at least some hints... It's just more covered.

I'd like to see pics of models who are not perfect. So, if you are normal you don't feel bad seeing models have some problems too.

karolina_kurkova_07.jpg 49691_karolina_kurkova_walks_the_runway_for_the_cia_maritima_show_626_122_556lo.jpg
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What is Karolina's problem exactly??

I don't think she has a problem, but there were reports in the entertainment news that she got a lot of flack for supposedly being flabby and showing back fat while doing a show in Brazil. I think they are insane!

Here is some of what was said along with a video:

24-year old beauty and Victoria's Secret model Karolina Kurkova is being criticized over her appearance in recent days at Sao Paulo Fashion Week, especially after a runway appearance in a bikini.

One Brazilian paper blasted her back fat and cellulite, as did other outlets. The impetus for the stories were two still photos taken at the Cia Maritima fashion show at the end of last week. It was 2006 when Brazilian model Ana Carolina Reston, 21, died of anorexia

Kurkova opened and closed the swimwear show, and did a third walk in the middle. That third walk can be seen 7:35 into the below video, and is the look from which the stills were taken.



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I know we are on a model forum and all, but I absolutely dont see the "perfectness" of the models, even though their job is to make you believe they are, especially in ads etc. Actually I think they are FAR from being perfect, not an always interesting face, even if the model agencies say they look for natural beauty. For the body, great yes but that does not comes naturally (except for bones and curves), and anyway I dont see whats so special about it.

Quote: if the media calls anyone beautiful, they all end up believing it

I really think people in general should think by themselves...but if you actually really do think that then that is fine of course.

Sorry if that was out of line/subject :ninja:

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I don't believe all IS natural beauty. All the models have got tips, products, and some of them are in plastic cirugy in early ages. 


The VS models are not the only ones with celulitis, and there are more with It. Sometimes, exercise IS only the way to correct, sometimes, they do more and different treatments.

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