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help with the signature


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Hi Francy :wave: Thanks for responding so fast.Now I can see my siggy and everything seems fine.My computer has been running really slowing on BZ the last couple of days.It looks like a lot of people were having the same issue.A slow server issue maybe?I'm thinking maybe that's why I couldn't see my siggy.Pages were taking forever to load!

Take care and your posts are always great! :fun:

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Ok so I dont know where else to post this, so Im just going to post here in an existing thread. Please can someone help me with signature? I dont know how to upload an avi file that will show up in my signature as a picture and NOT as a link. Please explain step by step. :) I noticed that ppl use tinypic for this but I dont understand how... when I upload the file on tinypic it shows up as a video, not image, I dont get it.

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^ So you want a specific screenshot from the video for your signature?

not a screen shot... i want a moving picture like many ppl here have... :) like this one for instance: post-22823-0-1446417519-56979_thumb.gif

my file is an avi format but maybe its too big? s that video format? someone on Bellazon converted it for me into avi (from a youtube video) but I dont know how to use it as a signature.

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I put the gif in your sig. Is that what you meant :) ?

no not that one. that is not my picture. i used it as an example. i posted a link earlier, this is what i want to use here: http://tinypic.com/player.php?v=14cw96s&s=6 u can see. it's a video from youtube. someone changed the format for me into an AVI, but i still cant make it work. i dont know how to make it into my signature. do i need to change the format? Im lost!

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