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Height: 5'9

Bust: 81cm

Waist: 58cm

Hips: 84cm

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Agency: Models1 (London)

post-37753-0-1445995077-73812_thumb.jpg th_f4c63179859463.gif/monthly_05_2010/post-37753-0-1445995077-75005_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="2503001" alt="post-37753-0-1445995077-75005_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="125.7"> post-37753-0-1445995077-77374_thumb.jpg ec98d579859462.gif

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I did a really really cute interview with Fifi on All about Models. I put also there some new pics from her. YOu should check it out.



one of the questions:

What’s the craziest experience, that you had during one of your jobs ?

Uhh, gosh there have been a lot of crazy experiences but the latest one is, when I was in Paris for fashion week, and bearing in mind that my french is less than poor and that I rely on gesturing and mime to get by, I was at a casting and a girl that was in front of me came out of the room so I went in and a French woman walked up to me with her arms wide and a smile on her face talking in french I didnt have a clue what she was saying and newly accustomed to the french way of life I instantly gave her a really big hug and went to give her a kiss on each cheek only for the woman to start telling me to get out of the room and that she didnt want to see me yet! I was so mortified and cried with laughter with my mum afterwards.


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