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Katy Perry at her record release party for "One of the Boys" at Capitol Records in Los Angeles, California, 17 June 2008

th_94929_1_kate-perry-record-release-party-170608_123_759lo.jpgth_94940_2_kate-perry-record-release-party-170608_123_891lo.jpg th_94951_3_kate-perry-record-release-party-170608_123_842lo.jpgth_94958_4_kate-perry-record-release-party-170608_123_536lo.jpgth_94960_5_kate-perry-record-release-party-170608_123_584lo.jpgth_94968_6_kate-perry-record-release-party-170608_123_1153lo.jpgth_94975_7_kate-perry-record-release-party-170608_123_912lo.jpg th_94988_8_kate-perry-record-release-party-170608_123_1076lo.jpg th_94990_9_kate-perry-record-release-party-170608_123_880lo.jpg th_94999_10_kate-perry-record-release-party-170608_123_1153lo.jpgth_95042_11_kate-perry-record-release-party-170608_123_748lo.jpg th_95073_12_kate-perry-record-release-party-170608_123_1088lo.jpg th_95080_13_kate-perry-record-release-party-170608_123_718lo.jpg

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Madonna when asked in a radio interview a couple of months ago, if she has something "geeky" on her ipod that she likes to listen she said "there's this singer, her name is Kate Perry and has a song "you're so gay that you don't even like boys" :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

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I love this girl!

Shes like Zoey Deschanel with boobs.

Here is a pic of Zoey for comparison plus some pic of Katy.

Oh they are some wet boob pics too...yeah.

Im awsome, I know.







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