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Natalie Jayne Roser

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Natalie Roser
Natalie is a seasoned model and photographer with a Bachelor of Visual Communication and Design. Studying photography for 4 years, Natalie developed a passion for portraiture and lifestyle photography. It is this passion that led her to move to Sydney and start to work her way towards this career that she loves.
Her goal is to make everyone look their absolute best. 
She combines her photography skills with her modelling to create inspirational images from both sides of the camera. With a modelling career that extends to over 10 years, with a strong focus in the commercial industry, Natalie provides her clients with a professional insight that she has gained from working with so many likeminded and inspiring personalities.
With a personal interest in portfolio shoots for models, Natalie loves working with new and aspiring models, or anyone who has an interest in a professional photoshoot. 
Bachelor of Visual Communication and Design 2011
Top 12 contestant on The Face Australia 2014
Miss Universe Australia 1st Runner Up 2014
Miss World Australia 1st Runner Up 2013 








post-47866-0-1446059272-52767_thumb.jpg post-47866-0-1446059272-54186_thumb.jpg post-47866-0-1446059272-55611_thumb.jpg post-47866-0-1446059272-56643_thumb.jpg post-47866-0-1446059272-58643_thumb.jpg post-47866-0-1446059272-62199_thumb.jpg post-47866-0-1446059272-63991_thumb.jpg post-47866-0-1446059272-64764_thumb.jpg post-47866-0-1446059272-66766_thumb.jpg post-47866-0-1446059272-8025_thumb.jpg post-47866-0-1446059272-88415_thumb.jpg post-47866-0-1446059272-91271_thumb.jpg post-47866-0-1446059272-9577_thumb.jpg post-47866-0-1446059272-9786_thumb.jpg post-47866-0-1446059272-98835_thumb.jpg post-47866-0-1446059273-04417_thumb.jpg post-47866-0-1446059273-07099_thumb.jpg post-47866-0-1446059273-08226_thumb.jpg

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Natalie is now represented by Wilhelmina Miami !


New Polaroids/Digitals


th_76757e422633225.jpg/monthly_07_2015/post-47866-0-1593840606-54036_thumb.jpg" class="ipsImage ipsImage_thumbnailed" alt="074.jpg"> th_973429422633232.jpg/monthly_07_2015/post-47866-0-1593840606-59385_thumb.jpg" class="ipsImage ipsImage_thumbnailed" alt="076.jpg"> 077.jpg 078.jpg 079.jpg


080.jpg 081.jpg 082.jpg th_561e71422633257.jpg/monthly_07_2015/post-47866-0-1593840607-11171_thumb.jpg" class="ipsImage ipsImage_thumbnailed" alt="084.jpg"> 085.jpg 

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