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Anna de Rijk


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Good Morning, Pallas Athena






Here, Anna de Rijk talks to NOWNESS about myths and modern day gods and goddesses.

What myth that most intrigues you?
Anna de Rijk: 
“Lately, I’ve been interested in Sirens. The strangeness of their seduction and the enchantment that comes with that. It seems to be this irrational thing – the illusion and its fatality – that seems to attract people. There’s a promise of something that will never be fulfilled and does not really exist. Perhaps it would be nicer to be an Artemis kind of figure [the goddess of the hunt] and run in the woods and live a wilder life. However, I do want to have some sort of love life, which goddesses don't have and don't need.”

What mythological punishment would you inflict if you could?
“I think I’d do something sorceress-like. If I was very angry, I might unwittingly poison the world like Circe [the goddess of magic], who made snakes come out of the earth, trees die and people turn into pigs.”

Who is the modern parallel of Hercules?
ADR: “Harry Potter is a modern day mythical hero for people to dream about. He does one incredible thing after another: from slaying an enormous snake to winning all of the sports matches. He’s not an ordinary person but has been chosen, marked – he’s a wizard and a fighter.”

The modern Odysseus?
ADR: “My one friend who reminds me of Odysseus is photographer Joachim Johnson. He is always traveling and changing his life around.”

A modern Siren?
ADR: “I think FKA Twigs is a modern-day Siren. She seems very mysterious and has a special, mythical sensuality and sexuality in her videos and songs.”

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