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House Of Wax


What Way could Paris have died?  

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  1. 1. What Way could Paris have died?

    • Placed into a Vat of Hot wax
    • Decapitated
    • Dismembered
    • Ran over By A Car
    • or Other

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One part that is kindda weird is how when the house of wax melted they didn't get burn...i mean if you've ever gotten candle wax on your skin...it hurts...not alot but still w/ all that heat and wax...I just don't get it.


Because the house didn't actually fall straight down, it was burned from the bottom up. Then it began to fall from the heat.

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I don't think so, If something is burned from the bottom up you'd probably feel the heat without really getting burned, not saying they didn't get burned when the house of wax sign fell ontop of them though Lol.

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no, she should have been dumped in wax! lmao! she would have been like, "That's Hot!!" :laugh: lol i'm lame, aren't i? lol


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

Fur realz.

But she get a metal railing pipe jamed into her skull...and then after the guy did that he video taped her have the pipe pulled out by him.

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I have a question...I don't know where my eyes were but I didn't catch how Paris go into the one underground place...w/ all the cars and stuff that belonged to other people.


Actually when Vincent was standing over her she ran in the opposite direction to the place where vincent put cars and cellphones of the people he turned into wax. It wasn't an underground park place it was just a place where he put unused cars. After he sliced her foot open she climbed down the stairs and found the cars.

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