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Matthew Hetherington


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Matthew /

Next Models NY

Age: 20

Height: 6'2 1/2'' or 186 1/4cm

Place of Origin: Canada.

Ethnic Origin: British.

Birth sign: Gemini.

Favorite things: Building things, family, football, and most of all, dreams, goals, and memories

Favorite music, band: I love all kinds of music. My favourite would have to be any music made electronically (electro, house, chill, "new age").

Hobbies: I have 2 businesses of my own including renovations which is number one, and also a marketing/networking/sales company so I guess you could say that my hobby is getting ahead.

Movie you want to see next: "Jumper," but that is probably behind the times here in New York. lol

Animal you would love to be: A bird only because there is nothing that can fly more free.

Place you'd love to visit: Miami, Singapore, or anywhere in Italy.

Currently you're obsessed about: Learning as much as possible and being as successful as possible.

How discovered: I was discovered in a mall in Calgary, Alberta named Chinook Center. I was just shopping with family and a scout from Next Canada approached me. And here I am one and a half years later!

Source: MDC :heart:

Hope ths could help ;) Of course, i'll help you with ths cutie's thread :)

He's such a nice guy, thanks for startin' his thread :laugh:

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Of course, i'll help you with ths cutie's thread :) He's such a nice guy, thanks for startin' his thread :laugh:

Thanx, faget. I saw the info you gave (there i took pics), then i tried to find more of Matthew but nothing in web. :cry: Matthew is such a cutie!!!!!

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btw you can always call me christy if you find my username too long.


christy, um, that's a beautiful name ;)

Thanks again, sweetie!!!!!! :grouphug:

i know many people said that to me before. i used to hate it but now i like it. :hug:

as always my computer is gone again but here they are

post-20761-0-1446112865-24438_thumb.jpg post-20761-0-1446112865-55872_thumb.jpg

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