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Daisy Lowe

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In the world of fashion, the Brits have a knack for turning out models with character: well-bred toffs such as Jasmine Guinness and Stella Tenant, supermodels who have worked their way out of Croydon (Kate) or Streatham (Naomi), and, most recently, rock'n'roll heiresses such as Leah Wood, Lizzie Jagger and Daisy Lowe, the last of whom is causing a real stir...

At her agency in Camden Town, London, 18-year-old Lowe looks totally confident and at ease. Her parents, Pearl Lowe (Britpop singer-turned-fashion-designer) and Gavin Rossdale (of Bush fame, now married to Gwen Stefani) plus stepfather Danny Goffey (the drummer in Supergrass) all give her impressive rock'n'roll credentials. There's no doubting that this kind of heritage may have helped to put her in the spotlight, but the talent scout who first noticed her in Camden, aged 15, didn't have a clue who her parents were.

Lowe is more of a cool indie chick than a primped and preened, stick-thin mannequin. But her fresh-faced beauty, huge almond eyes and Chrissie Hynde hair have sent well-respected photographers scrambling to capture her look.

Lowe is also a DJ, having recently played at the Calvin Klein fragrance launch, and she's designing a capsule diffusion line for her mother's fashion label (stocked at Liberty, Neiman Marcus and Saks). With so many strings to her bow, somehow it seems that modelling is unlikely to be her final chosen career, but for the moment she's enjoying what it has to offer.

"I've met such amazing creative people and seen places I would never normally have seen. My first proper shoot a year ago was in Savannah, Georgia, and I've just done a shoot for W magazine, in New Jersey."

With two recent shoots in Italian Vogue, plus glossy reportage shots of her 18th birthday party set to appear in British Vogue, it seems likely that this cool Brit may have to put her other activities on hold for a while to concentrate on her blossoming modelling career. "But that's OK," she says."I can do the rest later."

(Template Text Source: The Times, London)

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You know Barron, some time ago I wanted to start a thread about Daisy, but I didn't know if I like her, and couldn't find a bigger version of I-D cover with her to post here :nicole: so, maybe you have this cover? SHe's there with a male model, it's from February 2007 issue? I'm not sure.

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from ForSureCouture.com:

Daisy Lowe is the daughter of Gwen Stefani's other half, Gavin Rossdale, and hot designer Pearl Lowe. And just by association, that makes her pretty awesome. What's also awesome is that she had the balls to stand up to Kate Moss over an Agent Provocateur job. And last but not least, she and Andi Muise have the same favorite book!

Full Name: Daisy Lowe

Age: 18

Height: 5'10

Where are you from? Camden in London

Where do you live now? Chalk Farm in London

Favorite show (that you've done)? House Of Holland

Favorite photoshoot (that you've done)? W Mag with Steven Klein

Describe your personal style: Alice In Wonderland meets Sex Pistols

Did you complete school (or are you finishing school now)? Nope...left in the middle of my A-Levels.

If you weren't modeling, what would you like to be doing? Designing clothes, acting, or singing!

Top 5 bands/artists:

- Elvis Costello

- Kings of Leon

- Blondelle

- Supergrass

- and Jimi Hendrix right now.

Top 5 movies:

- A Clockwork Orange

- Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

- Jack and Sarah

- Sin City

- Withnail and I

Favorite book: Perfume or A Million Little Pieces

What's your drink of choice? Strawberry and banana smoothie or passion fruit mojhito for an alcoholic

What are some of the perks of being a top model? I'm not one so wouldnt know! But freebies are cool when you work with someone who you get on with and they are nice enought to send you something.

What are some of the things about being a model that are most difficult? The amount you have to look after your body and knowing you can't always look the way you think you look good.

What can we expect to see of you in the next couple of months? New editorials, campaigns, etc. Italian Vogue, W, Muse, French Mag, Sunday Times style, Whistles campaign, etc.

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Thanks Barron for posting this cover, and editorial, though I don't like it, too much of Terry Richardson in Terry Richardson :D

But Ophelia would go crazy for this red-haired male model I guess.

Now, sth from me, some info about Daisy, from nymag.com:

Thank you for all that information, Layla90. :heythere:

It's nice to know there is someone else posting out there!

By the way, the "red-haired male model" is/was(?) her boyfriend: Will Cameron from The Blondelles.

(And just another Doc Marten's shot):


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