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Josh Beech

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Agency: Models 1 (London)

Josh Beech

Age: 22

Height: 6'1"

Place of Origin: South London, England

Ethnic Origin: British

Birthsign: Capricorn

How discovered: I was discovered by my booker, Sherrill,

in Hoxton at the end of last summer.

Favorite things: Hanging out with my girlfriend, my band (Snish),

writing music, going to gigs, discovering new bands, tattoos and traveling.

Favorite music, band: Deftones, Incubus, Queens of the Stone Age,

The Chariot, Yourcodenameis:milo, Nirvana and obviously Snish!!!!!

Hobbies: Guitar, Nintendo wii, Guitar Hero, water sports.

Favorite foods: Indian and Subway!

Movie you want to see next: "Sweeney Todd" with Johnny Depp.

Place you'd love to visit: Japan, Australia and Canada.

Person you'd love to meet and why: I would love to meet Dave

Grohl because he is an awesome song writer and it would be cool to

have a beer and a jam with him.

Currently you're obsessed with: Writing our debut album.

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That's really nice :drool: thx indulge. :hug:



Photo Mariano Vivanco, styled by Nicola Formachetti for Dazed and Confused

Pics courtesy of Models 1

Source: MDC

Now, im really doubt his sexual orientation :shifty: ... he looks so gay... :rofl:

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