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Models from the Eighties


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Carole Bouquet: Buñuel's object of desire (Cet obscur objet du désir, 1977), Bond girl (For Your Eyes Only, 1981), spokesmodel for Chanel, ex-partner of Gérard Depardieu and epitome of French chic. Here, photographed by Helmut Newton (Vogue Italia, December 1983). Photo source: ebay.com




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- Eva Wallen (left) and Simonetta Gianfelici (right), Monte Carlo, by Helmut Newton. Stern magazine, 1983.

- Antonia Dell'Atte (in the foreground, left) and Lynne Koester (bottom).

Antonia was on the calendar (1986) ever published (as indecent for the time... :whistle: ) that made ​​H. Newton to Pirelli, also, she was Giorgio Armani muse between 1984 and 1987.



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Great contributions, fender! Wow... Connie Nielsen before Gladiator... I loved the editorial that made Lindbergh for post-57741-0-1446170013-67718_thumb.jpg with her! Carmen Schwarz... what cat eyes! And Daniela Ghione (what interesting face!) & Judit Mascó (after the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition in 1990... then came to nothing as conquering the international market). Thanks, thanks, thanks! fashion_84, you're welcome!

Kisses! :wave:

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I'm sorry, DutchChick, I can not help you with that (Holland picked me very far at that time). I can only offer you the composite of

-Click Women (New York), 1988; source: The Model Archives of Marlowe Press-. Luck!!

Thanks, fender, to confirm the identity of the model.



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You're right, spiralshaman, she must be Sadiya. Thanks for your input, I wasn´t sure of the ID of the model. One more polaroid of that session.

Antonia was a model with a very powerful presence, sorry to leave her career to marry... with a fool. I leave a pic of her participation at the "ghost calendar" of Newton to Pirelli, directly inspired by the Italian film Girl with a Suitcase (1960), with Claudia Cardinale. This photograph was later used as the cover of a guide Chianti Wine Consortium (Tuscany).

The calendar story and photos can be found in the book "Helmut Newton & Pirelli - Storia di censurato calendar" (ed. AutoCircuito, 2006) by Giuseppe Meroni, an investigation of no less than 21 years (Meroni had worked in the communication department of Pirelli in the early seventies). Thanks for those great pictures of Antonia, fender!




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