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Courtney Herron

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Nothing about her in the search tool, ok she was not the most famous, but, hey!, she is so beautiful!! i cant' believe nobody noticed this fact yet

Elle1.jpg lowereastchic_bwtgcgm08.JPG nabegb01.JPG nabegb05.JPG nabegb06.JPG nabegb07.JPG nabegb08.JPG nabegb09.JPG nabegb10.JPG

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She's in the current J. Jill catalog. You can capture the images, though it takes a bit of hunting, since she doesn't seem to be featured in the product displays, only the online catalog. To get them, if you are interested, click through the online catalog, find her picture, click on that, bring up the alternate image in the zoom window. In "Cache Viewer," find the swf file (I usually clear mine before opening the zoom window to make it easier), and open in a browser. delete the stuff at the end up to "...scl=" and then place a 1 after the = sign. Hit enter, and the large jpg comes up. Here are two:


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