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Leonardo DiCaprio - (Please Read First Post Prior to Posting)


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According to the the tweet below  ( which matches up with location of earlier tweeters who posted about seeing Leo at grocery store ) , Leo is attending  the first ever 2016 Desert Trip concert (Bob Dylan,  Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney/ The Who, etc )  this week in Indio, Ca


  1. @LeoDiCaprio Just passed you driving by at Desert Trip!! What did you think of the first night?! #DesertTrip #yourock #jackdawson #inception


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Tks for pix old & new :smile:




Tks for Leo/ Port Arthur articles & vid :smile:


While I have no idea what is on Leo's upcoming agenda for rest of year , personally , I'd love to see him revisit the Reef in near future and give us an updated report on its condition :thumbsup: 





Tks for news that Leo joined Weibo & received a warm welcome :smile:

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ozzy 凶‏@Ozzy_Mar

leonardo dicaprio just came into my job dude



@Ozzy_Mar where do you work again why was he there I have so many questions


ozzy 凶 ‏@Ozzy_Mar 

@ihopehekillsyou tatsu ramen on melrose and la brea and bc ramen is good i guess idk


kary  ? ‏@br4nndnew  

@Ozzy_Mar is he ugly irl


ozzy 凶 ‏@Ozzy_Mar 

@br4nndnew he's actually pretty handsome



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From Pop Sugar :Leonardo-DiCaprio-Nina-Agdal-Griffith-Observatory.jpg



Leonardo DiCaprio and Nina Agdal at the Griffith Observatory

Leonardo DiCaprio and Nina Agdal Play Tourists at the Griffith Observatory




Leonardo DiCaprio and Nina Agdal were spotted out on a cute date at the Griffith Observatory in LA on Monday afternoon. Despite the museum being closed, the pair enjoyed each other's company as they took in the beautiful scenery and Leo snapped photos of his model girlfriend.





CuhTg0GUIAAs6zU.jpg Leonardo-DiCaprio-Nina-Agdal-Griffith-Observatory.jpg








Tks for recent Leo  sightings & pix :flower:


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