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Vicky Kaya


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Vicky Kaya was born in 1978 in Athens), is a Greek supermodel and actress who is well known in the international fashion world and has appeared on the covers of numerous international fashion magazines such asVogue, Esquire,Madame, Marie Claire, and Elle.

[edit] Career

Kaya has been modeling since age fourteen, appearing in many catalogue bookings, campaigns, magazines and television commercials world wide. At age 19 she moved to Paris where her career took off.She also worked in milan,Germany and london. Her appearances are diverse, from the catwalk to television acting. For the past few years she has been based in New York City and is represented by Wilhelmina Models New York.

Her latest and most notable acting job was in the much hyped 2006 sequel Loafing and Camouflage: Sirens in the Aegean, one of the best selling movies ever made in Greece.

[edit] News

Vicky has hosted numerous events including the 2005 Thessaloniki film festival. In 2005 the Greek media reported that Kaya, along with Greek-American model and TV presenter Maria Menounos, was one if the finalists which ERT (Greek national broadcaster) has considered for co-hosting the Athens 2006 Eurovision Song Contest with Greek superstar Sakis Rouvas. The February 2006 announcement revealed that Greek-American actress/journalist/television presenter Maria Menounos will be co-hosting the event.

In March 2006 Kaya was voted Model of the Year 2005 (Greek: Μοντέλο της Χρονιάς) by the Greek fashion industry. [1]

In December 06,vicky gave her voice for the Greek version, of the Walt Disney movie, "CARS".

Currently she is the host for the tv dance reality show So You Think You Can Dance (Greece). Since dancing is a hobby of hers and she was familiar with the show from watching it in the States, she was thrilled when she was approached by the shows producers to host it.

Last May, she was the only Greek celebrity who appeared on the red carpet of Cannes film festival,invited by Valentino and Chopard to the party that they organised for this big event.

In January 07 she issued a personal photographic album called"vicky kaya".The earnings of her album, are donated to children suffering from brain paralysis in Greece. Vicky has been selected to be the spokesperson of Lancia (Italian car company)for Greece and Europe until the end of 2008,who also sponsored her photographic album. She started a charity event ,"VICKY&FRIENDS" in 07,that aims to raise money for children in need.

She walked the red carpet in "Mostra del cinema di venezia"(venice film festival),since she was a special guest of Lancia, who is the main sponsor of the whole event in venice every year.

In October 26th '07 ,she appeared in the theater for the first time, playing the part of" ULLA" at the big broadway show "The producers"of Mell Brooks & Thomas Meehan in Greece

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Different ones - I like her )

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