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Airbrushing - Good or Bad?


Do you like it when magazines or websites airbrush photos of models/celebrities?  

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  1. 1. Do you like it when magazines or websites airbrush photos of models/celebrities?

    • Yes - I think it's always great when they airbrush the photos
    • No - I don't really like it when they airbrush the photos

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I think airbrushing is good to a certain extent. Like someone else said they seem to be over-doing it lately. Making everyone look like dolls. I think the only thing they should airbrush are visible flaws like, blemishes,cellulite,stretchmarks etc... All the stuff we don't wanna see, but keep the moles and freckles, etc...and what i really hate to see lately is how they distort faces so much you sometimes can't even recognize the person.

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I don't mind airbrushing as long as the picture looks natural. There is a difference between art and artificiality.

I have a collection of PIayboy centerfold pictures and I like those from the 60's and 70's best. Why? Because the girls there looked natural. Everything changed in the 80's when all that glamour kicked in and changed the way women were portrayed. Nowadays, some in PIayboy look way too fake and I don't like it.

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