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Barbara Meier


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I like this cover mutch more than the original cover at the show!

Yes, absolutely. She look definitely better in the purple dress. Does anybody know if she will apear in Berlin Women's RTW.It´s from Jul 12-Jul 15 2007.


I also like the new one better... she's just stunning.

Here's another interview on n24 (a german news mag).


She talks about taking part in the berlin fashion week...

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At the end of the interview the female host asked Barbara if Berlin could be a huge fashion capital like Milan, Paris, NY....and the other guy was like 'Rome, Rome' and she said 'I'm sorry' like she made a mistake. WTF It's Milan not Rome... :laugh:

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I got another picture from the Fashion Week Berlin

It's backstage at Anett Roestel


Edit: what I forgot, it's from GQ.com (the German GQ page, it's from the blog section here: GQ's Blog from Berlin Fashion Week

Edit edit (lol):

Hey, am I wrong or is she wearing the shoes from the Cosmo shooting on the red carpet next to Lena Gercke? :laugh:

[i mean the lovely shooting in the red top and the white jeans and I mean the Getty Images]

Please do not hotlink images - edited by persuazn

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