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Taylor Cole


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1st Annual Data Awards - Jan 28 2010

post-33019-0-1445992256-38172_thumb.jpg th_677be766240372.gif/monthly_01_2010/post-33019-0-1445992256-3929_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="2441322" alt="post-33019-0-1445992256-3929_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="168.92"> th_2a92cf66240443.gif/monthly_01_2010/post-33019-0-1445992256-42653_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="2441323" alt="post-33019-0-1445992256-42653_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="153.06"> post-33019-0-1445992256-43549_thumb.jpg eb7a6166240591.gif 47a2bf66240635.gif 4e55e566240660.gif

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Just saw her on lataest Ep of "Second Chance". She really is a stunner. Hope she gets a lead in something soon instead of playing a prostitute... again!

However she was very covincing and I am considering paying for sex now!


+ she has a Model Thread as well as this one, so can I request a Thread Merge please? I think she would consider herself an actor now, or maybe a prostitute lol.


Taylor Cole 64.jpg Taylor Cole 65.jpg Taylor Cole 66.jpg Taylor Cole 67.jpg

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6 hours ago, fhdb.webmaster said:

Oops, I found the model thread first, but I see this one is more active.  I found this ad in a 2003 issue of Teen Vogue.  Pretty sure it is Taylor.  I will do a better scan if anyone is interested.



Yes please!

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