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Taylor Cole


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Taylor Quinn Cole was born on April 29th, 1984 in Arlington, Texas. Growing up, she had a passion for volleyball. She started playing at the age of 13, and by the time she reached high school, she was already a member of their volleyball team. With the Junior Olympics, she traveled all across the United States. Her dream was cut short when she tore her ACL and meniscus though, resulting in rehabilitation and surgery. Still, she was optimistic and kept her spirits up, even though she wished to continue volleyball in college.

During her teenage years, she also professionally modeled. Her mother, a former model in her own right, slowly saw her daughter follow in her footsteps. Taylor traveled all over the world, from Italy to France, among other countries. With her stunning good looks, she graced the pages of many well-known magazines. In her junior year, she modeled for "Teen" Magazine. In 2002, during her senior year, she was recognizable from her "Gadzooks" advertisements, her editorial in "Marie Claire" Magazine, and countless others. It seemed that she would be a model forever. In high school, she was voted "Most Likely to be Famous", and one could see why.

With a promising modeling career ahead of her, she moved to New York to pursue it further. Her true calling would show itself soon enough, though. On a recent trip to Los Angeles to visit her mother and stepfather, she was encouraged to try out for a role in a new pilot by a family friend. Knowing nothing about the business, she went on and auditioned anyway. That audition was for Erika Spalding of Summerland, and she blew them away with just one reading. She was immediately cast and became a regular for the short running of the show.

While filming for the show in 2004, she made an appearance in Ryan Cabrera's "True" music video. Then, during Summerland's second season, she was seen in her second music video, for Papa Roach's "Scars". Taylor also was a part of a "Dooney & Burke" campaign in 2004, modeling for their new line of handbags. Although Summerland ended in 2005, Taylor's career is just beginning. She went off the radar for awhile, but came bustling back in 2006 with numerous TV guest roles, including a girl with an obsessive ex-boyfriend and overprotective mother in CSI, and most recently, as Jared Padalecki's love interest in Supernatural.

In her first starring movie, All You've Got, Taylor was able to showcase her natural volleyball ability in the film, which is a story about two rival teams coming together to win a championship. Taylor was the only girl who did not need a stunt double and her toughness and strength to challenge herself in her roles show. With her raw energy and talent, that added with her Snow-White-esque beauty, there is no doubt that Taylor will have a bright future ahead of her.

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