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Bellazon v2.0


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allrighty to start it off we have a new picture upload feature.....this means that you do not have to go to imageshack or any other outside hosting source for your pics.....

1. at the bottom of your post hit browse on the attachment option

2. select the pic

3. hit add this attachment

4. continue until ur done with all ur pics

5. post like you normailly would

6. your post appears with the thumbnails

more updates to come

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how do I change the time?

At the top of the page, click My Controls then on the left menu go to Board Settings there you will see what time zone you are in and can set it appropriatly. And tommorow we will fix the daylight savings issue (sry about that)

Ill have to get back to you later on your other question :)

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I was about to ask this so I'll answer it...

How do I get my signature to work?

Click 'My Controls"

or the left side click "Edit Signature"

and if you had a signature before the new layout you'll see text there and all you need to do is click

"Update My Signature"

done :fun:

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I like the new forum, seems a lot more organized and neat.  Reminds me a lot of Chilax, so I pretty much know my way around.  ;)  Good job, boys.


thats because chilax used ipb...thats the reason we got ipb because the chilax members are already used to it.

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The new site is great.

But what's this?...


Your email address has been changed because it was in use by another account. This means that all email will NOT go to your correct email address - this could include lost password notifications, etc.

PLEASE change your email address immediately."

I didn't have any trouble logging in. Plus, I told it send a password email to me to make sure it worked, and it did, so do I still need to change it?


I got the same thing and I went to put my e-mail in again and it won't let me...

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