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Kim Smith

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Is it just me, or has her face changed a lot these past few years? :idk:

I see it too. and not for the better :/

Yeah, her facial features have become "heavier", for lack of a better word... :/

For me, I would say her features are more sharper. You look at her earlier pictures, for example when she started in the biz and you can see the baby fat on her face. Now I think it's a case of her being older. Whatever the case she does look a lot fitter to me.

I'm with dna. She's still hot and she'll always be a fave of mine. She has been modelling for a long time now so I'm always glad to see new pictures of her. Especially since she wanted to get into acting. Also, I am looking forward to her reality show. Can not get enough Kim.

Thanks again CAHA! :wave:

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Kim Smith is an actress on Friday Night Lights according to IMDB.com

Here is a link to the Odessa paper: http://www.oaoa.com/news/smith_8252___arti...ay_excited.html

Nobody seemed to catch this.

If anyone has any clips or screencaps please post them.

Hmm, I thought it was her, but when I looked it up on IMDB, there wasn't any information yet. I think her stint is over though, since the QB just broke up with her character last episode.

I was so excited to see her on there (sorry, avid fan of the show). Despite the obvious lack of her face weekly...Funniest breakup I've ever seen.

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