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Kim Smith

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for Hunkemoeller

Sorry but this is not kim!

to get her name i made a topic http://www.bellazon....8311-kim-smith/

I know at first view she doesn't look like kim since it is a photoshopped image. i was also unsure if she is kim. in the topic we compared it with another pic of kim and we came to the result that she must be kim. have a look at the id-topic.

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Haven't been around for awhile.  I was wondering what ever happened to Kim Smith.  She was big with the Guess ads back in 2000 or so.  Also Mac & Jac and Andre Marc.  I saw her in the tv show Friday Night Lights.  She was in the Victoria's Secret catalog back then as well as Newport News.


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You know guys, all those old scans you made and posted here, they're all lost now. None of those old links still works. The first 30 pages of this thread are just pages of broken links. So, if anybody out there has HQ scans of classic Kim, please post them again!


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Kim Smith, a real blast from the past.


One thing I always found interesting, I cannot think of many other models whose face went through such a vast change in their early to mid twenties, without the involvement of any cosmetic surgery. But the differences between how she looked in her late teens and say at 24-25 was vast.

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