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Dakota Blue Richards

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Dakota Blue Richards (born April 11th, 1994) is an English actress. Her debut was in the recently-released film The Golden Compass, as the lead character Lyra Belacqua, having beaten 10,000 other girls to the part. She was also cast as the lead of another two movies, Dustbin Baby and The Secret of Moonacre, the latter of which was released February 2009. She also plays the main character "Franky", in the "Third Generation" of the E4 television series Skins.

Girl Power (Short) - (2014) .... Cass
The Quiet Hour (2014) .... Sarah
The Fold (2013) .... Eloise Ashton
Lightfields (TV mini-series) - (2012)
Skins (TV series) - (2011-2012) .... Franky Fitz
Five Miles Out (Short) - (2009) .... Cass
Dustbin Baby (2008) .... April
The Secret of Moonacre (2008) .... Maria
The Golden Compass (2007) .... Lyra Belacqua

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This is really a big achievement that she was selected out of 10,000 girls.Very cute girl .I am sure there is a bright future ahead of her.

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Dustbin Baby (2008)

Director: Juliet May

Character: April

Promotional Stills:

th_ccc20b96394608.jpg/monthly_09_2010/post-33914-0-1445988498-8557_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="2339956" alt="post-33914-0-1445988498-8557_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="66.4"> post-33914-0-1445988498-8779_thumb.jpg post-33914-0-1445988498-92643_thumb.jpg 86a06296394612.jpg

Behind the Scenes:


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The Secret of Moonacre (2008)

Director: Gabor Csupo

Character: Maria Merryweather


beeac896399620.jpg bad86996399622.jpg 25464d96399625.jpg d32bf296399626.jpg ed6ca996399630.jpg 93374a96399631.jpg c0198196399634.jpg 479a5596399635.jpg 7be63396399636.jpg db5b8596399642.jpg 2beeeb96399644.jpg ab882796399647.jpg d4c76f96399648.jpg

Promotional Stills:

cc47c896398607.jpg a9002096398608.jpg 7f347096398609.jpg 47aca596398610.jpg d068fa96398611.jpg ca248b96398613.jpg 47a2e696398614.jpg 84b8fb96398615.jpg 6f21a996398616.jpg 419d8796398618.jpg 283cd296398620.jpg 0afb9a96398621.jpg d18a3296398622.jpg 5ee44b96398624.jpg a2f09e96398627.jpg b44aba96398628.jpg 30dbbc96398629.jpg 77373796398631.jpg f6f14096398633.jpg 86098a96398634.jpg 93492296398636.jpg 3c90e196398637.jpg 00bad696398639.jpg cc844496398641.jpg 0e68cc96398643.jpg 00eb5496398644.jpg bf8cd396398645.jpg 894a9196398646.jpg c0468996398648.jpg b64dcf96398650.jpg

Behind the Scenes:

a60dc396398766.jpg 22fd2596398769.jpg b56d8196398770.jpg

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