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Guys I was wondering if this pic ever came in better quality? I know the other one from this shoot did, but I've never seen this one! :drool: anyone got it?


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Had these scans sitting on my hard drive for a few weeks, but only just now got around to editing them. Enjoyyy. :D

Oh - random story. This editorial is the first time I remember seeing Adriana. I was way big into Buffy then, and thought David was totally hot. That picture of them lying on the grass was my desktop wallpaper for *months*! I thought the girl in the photos was really really stunning, but never found out her name. Flash forward 2 years later, and I spot a Maybelline ad in a magazine. I instantly recognized her as the girl from the David photoshoot, and, lucky me, now knew her name because Maybelline is nice enough to always write stuff like "Adriana is wearing bla bla bla". I googled "maybelline adriana" to get her full name and look at more amazing pics. :p So there you go - that's how I 'discovered' Adriana. :heart:

Glamour USA, August 2000 (with David Boreanaz)

glamouraugust200008rk8.th.jpg glamouraugust200018vi3.th.jpg glamouraugust200009nv5.th.jpg glamouraugust200010on8.th.jpg glamouraugust200011xc1.th.jpg glamouraugust200012rg4.th.jpg glamouraugust200013rp8.th.jpg glamouraugust200014np9.th.jpg glamouraugust200015ff4.th.jpg glamouraugust200016jb8.th.jpg glamouraugust200017nj5.th.jpg

Scans by me, all are a minimum of 2,000 pixels in size. Feel free to use or repost anywhere, just please don't remove the tag! :)

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