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The Best Model of VSFS '07


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I decided that I wanted to start a competition against who was the

very best at this years Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2007

Below are the rules, reminders and other information about this




-You can vote only once for each round

-Once the model loses a round they are completely eliminated from the


-If the model wins then they will continue in the running of becoming

the best model of VSFS '07

-Voting will close at a certain time eastern time zone for each round.

I will let you guys know what time voting will close for each round

so this way there is no cheatin

g from me or any one else



Now of course everyone is asking the same question, how can we vote

if we haven't even seen the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2007 yet?

Here is your answer-- the voting will not start until December 5 or 6

( will be announced ) that way I have all of the pictures ( hopefully )

and almost everyone has seen it.



I may repeat categories, so please don't tell me " You used that

categoric already "

I need pictures of each of these models in EACH of these categories

so to make it easier make a post of who your going to send a picture

of and what categoric so that i don't get a double PM of the same pictures

from the same people and that way people can just come and see

who is going to send me what.

Get it?

The 31 Models in the completion are :

1 Heidi Klum

2 Karolina Kurkova

3 Adriana Lima

4 Alessandra Ambrosio

5 Izabel Goulart

6 Selita Ebanks

7 Miranda Kerr

8 Marisa Miller

9 Julia Stegner

10 Morgane Dubled

11 Eugenia Volodina

12 Isabeli Fontana

13 Inguna Butane

14 Lindsay Ellingson

15 Oluchi Onweagba

16 Erin Wasson

17 Elise Crombez

18 Flavia de Oliveira

19 Andi Muise

20 Hana Soukupova

21 Marija Vujović

22 Jessica White ---> will not participate in the competition

23 Noemie Lenoir

24 Angela Lindvall

25 Jessica Stam

26 Behati Prinsloo

27 Candice Swanepoel

28 Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

29 Caroline Winberg

30 Michaela Kocianova

The categories are :

-Best Pose

-Best Walk

-Best Smile

-Best Abs

-Best Hair

-Best Make-up

-Best Cleavage

-Best Outfit

-Best Legs

-Best Wings

-Best Butt



Here are the credits of the people who i got

ideas from and what i took from them.

Thanks to

Sarah for helping me come up with

most of these ideas.

Cypress, which i got the idea

of the categories

and a HUGE credit to Julia who has

cropped all of the pictures of the models

so don't tell me i didn't give credit



Turn your pictures the day of the VSFS '07 -- I'm not accepting them no

after that date and I'm asking you guys for pictures because

I don't have the pictures of all the models and its a lot of work to

find all of the pictures.

Any questions? Just ask.

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I have every photo of Marisa Miller in the fashion show so far. Just so I understand, how many pics do you want and should I seperate them by category? Or should I send one pic for each category

Send a picture of each category unless you can use

one picture for different types of category. Just label them.


loved the idea, im in !

i got Izabel Goulart and Flavia de Oliveira in every categorie.

Question: the pictures can be ONLY on the runway or backstage will be accepted too ?



Umm, backstage pictures are accepted only for the best make-up category

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Turn your pictures the day of the VSFS '07 -- I'm not accepting them no

after that date and I'm asking you guys for pictures because

I don't have the pictures of all the models and its a lot of work to

find all of the pictures.

Great idea! :flower:

If you're stuck for pictures, check the VSFS '07 thread in the Runway forum, it has photos for everyone in the show separated out by model - thought that might help! :)

Also, I didn't think Mini Anden was in this year's show? I haven't seen any photos of her.... :ninja:

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