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Browser Problems

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I have a problem with my computer, this thing keeps on popping up all the time


and when I click Don't send it automatically closes all my internet explorers and if I click send or don't click anything after it still does and It's pissing me off I can't do anything!! Before it used to come up every once in a while but now it's like non stop and it keeps on closing my internet explorer! What can I do to fix it?

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It's a freQuent problem with IE[internet explorer]

i suggest you try using mozilla firefox,and it's less susceptible to viruses

and sometimes, IE freezes when it's used for a long time,which kinda sucks.

when u send the error report,it will automatically close it..

and i thinQ when u cliQ don't send,it will not funQtion,right?

i tried last time,dragging that window to the side and just continue using the explorer,but in the end it will freeze.

have u tried clearing your history and cookies? maybe virus scanner...or sometimes toolbars...?

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Yeah my comp is seriously screwed up it just posted the messege before I was finished and it posted it 5 times :blink: <_<

Can somebody delete them pls ^ ?

Anyways I was gonna say It still appears all the time and before I did drag it in the corner of the screen and ignore it but after a little while all the internet explerers closed again.

I know it's frequent problem and it use to be frequent for me, and it's not anymore, it's every 5 minutes.

:ninja: <_< :mad: :confused: :cry:

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Have you tried using Firefox instead of Internet Explorer?

The message you're getting is just Windows letting you know that Internet Explorer has crashed - this could be caused by a hundred things, you can't tell from just that message what is causing it. Maybe there's something wrong with IE on your computer, maybe it somehow got corrupted, if you're getting that error a lot. It really could be anything, and it's gonna be very hard to find the cause of it.

Try installing Firefox and using that instead of IE for a while - and let us know if you get errors or crashes there too! My guess would be no, though...FF tends to be far less of a pain in the ass. ;)


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